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 This is how it started...
 Creating of Celestial Crown Cap
 Storing of the caps
 Collection now
 Finnish - English Dictionary
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 Pictures from our collection
 PictureCut program
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This is how it started...

We started collecting crown caps at year 1989 and we have collected them since, sometimes little more actively and sometimes not so actively. Here´s some overview pictures from our collection.

First cap in our collection was made by Hartwall. It was a soda cap named "Jaffa" and it was picked up from the road. We thought "Hey, we could collect these". That´s how it started around 25 years ago. After that we found many new caps in few first weeks. Also many of our friends become inspired at crown cap collecting, though none of them collects caps anymore. We traded caps with our friends and always kept our eyes open, if there would be a new cap somewhere. Also few bars helped us by collecting caps and giving them to us. That was how things kept going on for years.

But at the year 1999 we discovered the web. Thanks to that, our collection has increased thousands of caps. We have traded caps with many collectors over the world. You can find links to other cap collectors homepages from the links section. If you want to trade caps with us, just drop some mail to our mailbox.


Creating of Celestial Crown Cap

The first version of Celestial Crown Cap was released at 1999, made by me, Kimmo. I didn´t have much time to update it (sorry for that), but still it had few visitors a day, about 1500 in a year. Now this is the current version of Celestial Crown Cap and I´m trying to update it as often as possible. This far the site has had about 20 visitors per day, sometimes even more.

Special thanks for building this site goes to Mikko Leppänen for a great program, which helps me to generate the HTML-code and update it. Thanks to Ville-Pekka Örn for coding a program "Picture Cut" which helped me a lot in the progress of creating all the crown cap images. Without the program it would have been "Mission Impossible".


Storing of the caps

All our caps are stored on wooden plates. We have two different sizes of plates. First ones are little smaller. On one plate fits 11*8=88 used caps. The other ones are bigger and on those fits 19*19=361 used caps. These plates are sized so, that they fit in to the closet. The little plates are stored on a racks, which can easily be lifted. You can see a couple of pictures of the storing on the pictures page.


Collection now

Now 31.12.2022 our collection includes 111 356 used and unused crown caps from 197 different countries and hundreds of caps available for trade.


Finnish - English Dictionary

Here are some words from Finnish to English to ease reading of the info of Finnish caps and other nice related words to know.

  • Olut - Beer
  • Kalja - Beer
  • Siideri - Cider
  • Vesi - Water
  • Limonadi ("limsa") - Soda
  • Panimo - Brewery
  • Kruunukorkki - Crown cap
  • Appelsiini - Orange
  • Omena - Apple
  • Päärynä - Pear
  • Erikois/Erikoinen - Special
  • Vaalea - Light
  • Tumma - Dark
  • Talviolut - Winter beer
  • Kesäolut - Summer beer
  • Juhlaolut - Anniversary beer



A new way how to scan the caps on the scanning page. The method described below is the old way how I did the scanning.

All the caps are scanned with a A4 sized flat bed scanner. A friend of mine made a program called PictureCut, which splits one scan to smaller pictures. I used a template (plastic folder, other side removed) which I had made holes into. Holes are 34x34 mm each and there is 6 mm space between the holes. The size of the hole is little too big for used caps, but with unused caps you have to be very accurate in order to place the cap inside the hole frames. Scanning resolution is 300 dpi, but the pictures on the net are thumbnails, sized only 100x100 pixels, while the original pictures are 400x400 pixels.


Trade with us!

We are always interested in new caps and that´s why we want to trade caps with you. You can view our trade caps and see if there are caps you would like to have. An easy way to do the trade is that you make a list of caps you would like to have. All of the caps are given a id-code (like fi-0132) and by that we can identify the caps easily. Please notice, that some of the trade caps might have already been gone, because it´s hard to keep the site up-to-date.

You can send scans of your trade caps to us, but please let us know before you send any big pictures. Or you can also look at our collection and see which caps we already have. This is the way we can easily avoid sending double caps to each other!

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Last updated 31.12.2022