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Crown Cap Competition

Welcome to Crown Cap Competition! This is a very easy competition to participate. All you have to do is to collect some crown caps and then send them to us.

The awards are amazing: you will get a lot of Fame and Glory! On the main page of this website there is a top 3 -chart of all time competition leaders. In April 2003 this website had over 2500 visitors so every month your name will be seen by really many people! You will also get your name to the thanks page!

Mickey Mouse from USA, 1930 Lions - G. Findlay, Coke cap from Canada, 1964 Michael Schumacher - Ferrari from Czech republic, 1999 Muumi figures from Finland, 1997 Pokemon from Italy, 2001 Munich Olympics from Germany, 1972  NFL Teams from Canada, 1999

How to participate?

You can participate by sending crown caps to us. It does not matter what kind of crown caps you are sending, all are welcome! You can send for example:

  • As many caps as you want: the more caps you send, the more points you will get
  • Old caps, new caps
  • Caps in all conditions (caps can be rusty or bent, it does not matter)
  • Similar caps. We can find use for example for 100 pieces of similar caps or even more!
  • Caps from any country
  • Beer, cider, soda, water, lemon, juice etc. caps. Whatever you can find!

Everyone can participate! Age, gender, profession - nothing matters!

Please send your caps to the following address:

Kimmo Nieminen
Kalliomäki 17 B 9
FI-02490 Pikkala

Please include your name, country and e-mail address (optional) with the parcel, if you want to be on the Scoreboard!

How to get points?

You will get points from every cap you send to us. If we don't have the cap in our collection, it will give you 5 points. If we already have the cap in our collection, it will give you 1 point. Caps from sets give you 10 points. Some examples:

  • We receive a parcel with 60 caps. The packet includes 5 caps, which we don't have in our collection and 55 caps, which we already have. You will get 5*5 + 55*1 = 80 points!
  • We receive a parcel with 20 similar caps. We don't have that cap in our collection. You will get 5 points from the different cap and 1 point from each similar cap so the total amount of points will be 24 points!
  • You will send a nice Canadian ice hockey set of 25 different caps. You will get 250 points!
  • You can send multiple packets; the points will be calculated together!


Competition started 03.05.2003 and here are the results:

Marko Mäkelä 14 063 (see picture) Finland
Christophe Delvaux1238 Belgium
Korkkarit 369 Finland
Eliisa 322 Finland
The 3 Gents 267 United Kingdom
Todor Talevski 133 Macedonia
Shogo Matsuoka 129 Japan
John Molyneux 118 United Kingdom
Laura Sandell 113 Finland
Kalle Lehtonen 54 Finland
Yasuaki Takahashi53 Japan
Martin Filo 51 Slovakia
Anssi Niemi 42 Finland
Nessu 42 Finland
Miikka 22 Finland
Takeshi Takahashi17 Japan


The results are updated frequently, so remember to check your ranking! And finally, it's time to start to find some crown caps!!

Thanks for taking part into this competition. Please note, that the crown caps will not be returned...

© 2003-2010 Kimmo Nieminen
Last updated 01.06.2008