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Sets & series > Canada > Labatt's Lite Partners in the Community Manitoba and Saskatchewan (2001, 2003)

 44 of 53 caps (2001).

ca-00498 - Battlefords Union Hospital Wayne Pruden Memorial ca-00499 - Beach Daze Candle Lake ca-04014 - Beethoven At Buffalo Pound ca-04015 - Brandon Fall Fair ca-04016 - Brandon Summer Fair ca-04017 - Brandon Winter Fair ca-04018 - Cheyenne Days ca-00500 - Okom Cruise Night ca-00501 - Clear Lake Labatt Grey Owl ca-04019 - Community Living Saskatoon Vipond Classic ca-04020 - Dauphin's Countryfest ca-04021 - Dawson Trail Beach Party ca-04022 - Dawson Trail Days ca-00502 - Ehrlo Outdoor Hockey League ca-04023 - Golden Falcon Golf Tournament ca-04024 - Gravelbourg Cart Races ca-04025 - Manitoba Curling Association ca-04026 - Manitoba Open Golf Tournament ca-04027 - Manitoba Rugby Union ca-04028 - Marchand Logging Days ca-00709 - Morden/Winkler International Golf ca-00503 - North Battleford North West Territorial Days ca-04029 - Oktoberfest ca-00504 - Opanskwayak Indian Days ca-04030 - Piney Blueberry Festival ca-04031 - Prince Albert Exhibition ca-00708 - Regina 24 Hour Relay ca-04032 - Russell Beef & Barley Festival ca-04035 - Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association ca-04036 - Saskatchewan Softball Association ca-00505 - Saskatchewan Tourism ca-04037 - Saskatoon Canada Remembers Air Show ca-04038 - Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition ca-04039 - Saskatoon Rugby Union ca-04040 - Softball Manitoba ca-04033 - St. Pierre Frog Follies ca-04034 - Ste. Rose Hoof And Holler ca-04041 - Stonewall Quarry Days ca-04042 - Taste Of Manitoba ca-04043 - Telemiracle Kinsmen Foundation ca-04044 - The Food Bank ca-04045 - The Flin Flon Trout Festival ca-04046 - Unity Western Days ca-04047 - Weyburn Cancer Jamboree

 Texts in the caps:

Battlefords Union Hospital Wayne Pruden Memorial
Beach Daze Candle Lake
Beethoven At Buffalo Pound
Brandon Fall Fair
Brandon Summer Fair
Brandon Winter Fair
Cheyenne Days
Okom Cruise Night
Clear Lake Labatt Grey Owl
Community Living Saskatoon Vipond Classic
Dauphin's Countryfest
Dawson Trail Beach Party
Dawson Trail Days
Ehrlo Outdoor Hockey League
Golden Falcon Golf Tournament
Gravelbourg Cart Races
Manitoba Curling Association
Manitoba Open Golf Tournament
Manitoba Rugby Union
Marchand Logging Days
Morden/Winkler International Golf
North Battleford North West Territorial Days
Opanskwayak Indian Days
Piney Blueberry Festival
Prince Albert Exhibition
Regina 24 Hour Relay
Russell Beef & Barley Festival
Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association
Saskatchewan Softball Association
Saskatchewan Tourism
Saskatoon Canada Remembers Air Show
Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition
Saskatoon Rugby Union
Softball Manitoba
St. Pierre Frog Follies
Ste. Rose Hoof And Holler
Stonewall Quarry Days
Taste Of Manitoba
Telemiracle Kinsmen Foundation
The Food Bank
The Flin Flon Trout Festival
Unity Western Days
Weyburn Cancer Jamboree

 Complete set of 92 caps (2003).

ca-01214 - Labatt Lite ca-01213 - Labatt Lite ca-01123 - Mj Kinsmen Sports Celebrity Dinner ca-01124 - Telemiracle Kinsmen Foundation ca-01125 - Taste of Prince Albert ca-01126 - Saskatchewan Tourism ca-01127 - Outlook Rodeo ca-01128 - Saskatoon Prairieland Park Exheibtion ca-01129 - Candle Lake Co-Volley ca-01130 - Gravelbourg Cart Races ca-01131 - Prince Albert Exhibition ca-01132 - Yorkton Exhibition Summer Fair ca-01133 - Saskatchewan Air Show - 15 Wing Moose Jaw ca-01134 - Eagle Creek Jamboree ca-01135 - Weyburn Cancer Jamboree ca-01136 - Frontier Days ca-01137 - Wynyard Hometown Tournament ca-01138 - Saskatchewan Softball Association ca-01139 - Melfort Mustang's Polka Fest ca-01140 - Vanscoy Rodeo ca-01141 - Kindersley Rodeo ca-01142 - Labatt Lite Left Right Golf Tournament ca-01143 - Novotny Open Golf Tournament ca-01144 - Nipawin Auto Bonspiel ca-01145 - Ehrlo Outdoor Hockey League ca-01146 - Saskatchewan Curling Association ca-01147 - Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association ca-01148 - Willows International Golf Tournament ca-01149 - Battlefords Union Hospital - Wayne Pruden Memorial ca-01150 - Canadian Cowboys Assoc. Finals Rodeo ca-01151 - Labatt Northwest Amateur Golf Tournament ca-01152 - Saskatoon 24 Hour Relay ca-01153 - Canada Remembers Air Show ca-01154 - Saskatoon City Hospital Festival of Trees ca-01155 - Unity Western Days ca-01156 - Battlefords Territorial Days ca-01157 - Macklin Bunnock Festival ca-01158 - Dameco Victoria Park Festival ca-01159 - Asquith Rodeo ca-01160 - Point Optical Classic Bonspiel ca-01161 - Tourism Regina ca-01162 - Tourism Saskatoon ca-01163 - Saskatoon Chamber of Commaerce ca-01164 - Regina Chamber of Commerce ca-01165 - Estevan Exhibition Pro Rodeo ca-01166 - Weyburn Cca Rodeo ca-01167 - Ft. Qu'Appelle Walleye Cup ca-01168 - Yorktown Harvest Showdown ca-01169 - Labatt Crocus Golf Tourney ca-01170 - Rosetown Rosebowl Bonspiel ca-01171 - Gravelbourg Celebrity Dinner & Auction ca-01172 - Moose Jaw Harvest Rodeo ca-01173 - Moose Jaw Hometown Fair ca-01174 - Radville Mud Fling ca-01175 - Saskatchewan Science Centre ca-01176 - Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival ca-01177 - Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League ca-01178 - Meadow Lake Stampede Rodeo ca-01179 - Wayside Curling Classic ca-01180 - Manitoba Livestock Expo ca-01181 - Brandon Summer Fair ca-01182 - Royal Manitoba Winter Fair ca-01183 - Little River Rockfest Minnedosa ca-01184 - Russel Beef & Barley Festival ca-01185 - Festival du Voyageur ca-01186 - Carman Country Fair ca-01187 - Neepawa Lily Festival ca-01188 - Fannystelle Funfest ca-01189 - Norway House Yorkboat Days ca-01190 - Folklorama ca-01191 - International Golf Tournament ca-01192 - Threshermen's Reunion & Stampede ca-01193 - Mts Classic Golf Tournament ca-01194 - Dawson Trail Beach Party Lorette ca-01195 - Golden Falcon Golf Tournament ca-01196 - Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition ca-01197 - St. Pierre Frog Follies ca-01198 - Hanover Tache Senior Hockey League ca-01199 - St. Malo Summer Festival ca-01200 - Falcon Lake Beaver Days ca-01201 - Lettelier Family Ball Tournament ca-01202 - Oktoberfest ca-01203 - Labatt Grey Owl Golf Tournament ca-01204 - Stonewall Quarry Days ca-01205 - Dauphin's Countryfest ca-01206 - Flin Flon Trout Festival ca-01207 - Opaskwayak Indian Days ca-01208 - Ste. Rose Hoof and Holler ca-01209 - Trappers' Festival ca-01210 - Thompson Nickel Days ca-01211 - Mr Rugby Union ca-01212 - Sotfball Manitoba

 Texts in the caps:

Asquith Rodeo, Battlefords Territorial Days, Battlefords Union Hospital - Wayne Pruden Memorial, Brandon Summer Fair, Canada Remembers Air Show, Canadian Cowboys Assoc. Finals Rodeo, Candle Lake Co-Volley, Carman Country Fair, Dameco Victoria Park Festival, Dauphin's Countryfest, Dawson Trail Beach Party Lorette, Eagle Creek Jamboree, Ehrlo Outdoor Hockey League, Estevan Exhibition Pro Rodeo, Falcon Lake Beaver Days, Fannystelle Funfest, Festival du Voyageur, Flin Flon Trout Festival, Folklorama, Frontier Days, Ft. Qu'Appelle Walleye Cup, Golden Falcon Golf Tournament, Gravelbourg Cart Races, Gravelbourg Celebrity Dinner & Auction, Hanover Tache Senior Hockey League, International Golf Tournament, Kindersley Rodeo, Labatt Crocus Golf Tourney, Labatt Grey Owl Golf Tournament, Labatt Lite Left Right Golf Tournament, Labatt Northwest Amateur Golf Tournament, Lettelier Family Ball Tournament, Little River Rockfest Minnedosa, Macklin Bunnock Festival, Manitoba Livestock Expo, Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition, Meadow Lake Stampede Rodeo, Melfort Mustang's Polka Fest, Mj Kinsmen Sports Celebrity Dinner, Moose Jaw Harvest Rodeo, Moose Jaw Hometown Fair, Mr Rugby Union, Mts Classic Golf Tournament, Neepawa Lily Festival, Nipawin Auto Bonspiel, Norway House Yorkboat Days, Novotny Open Golf Tournament, Oktoberfest, Opaskwayak Indian Days, Outlook Rodeo, Point Optical Classic Bonspiel, Prince Albert Exhibition, Radville Mud Fling, Regina Chamber of Commerce, Rosetown Rosebowl Bonspiel, Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Russel Beef & Barley Festival, Saskatchewan Air Show - 15 Wing Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Curling Association, Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, Saskatchewan Science Centre, Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association, Saskatchewan Softball Association, Saskatchewan Tourism, Saskatoon 24 Hour Relay, Saskatoon Chamber of Commaerce, Saskatoon City Hospital Festival of Trees, Saskatoon Prairieland Park Exheibtion, Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, Sotfball Manitoba, St. Malo Summer Festival, St. Pierre Frog Follies, Ste. Rose Hoof and Holler, Stonewall Quarry Days, Taste of Prince Albert, Telemiracle Kinsmen Foundation, Thompson Nickel Days, Threshermen's Reunion & Stampede, Tourism Regina, Tourism Saskatoon, Trappers' Festival, Unity Western Days, Vanscoy Rodeo, Wayside Curling Classic, Weyburn Cancer Jamboree, Weyburn Cca Rodeo, Willows International Golf Tournament, Wynyard Hometown Tournament, Yorkton Exhibition Summer Fair and Yorktown Harvest Showdown.

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