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 Steinlager: 1 cap.

2. Sean Fitzpatrick refer 12 bottle pack for entry detail

 Lion Red Beer: 21 caps.

Q. At 22 Jerry Lee Lewis married for the third time, who did he marry? A. His 13yr old cousin
Q. How long did it take for Led Zeppelin to create it's first album? A. 9 days
Q. How loud is the world's loudest speaker? A. 130 db (a shuttle launch is 150 db)
Q. How many people attended Woodstock? A. 450,000
Q. Tim Finn rejoined Crowded House in what year? A. 1991
Q. What day was Eminem's daughter born? A. Christmas Day
Q. What did both Finn brothers receive in 1991? A. OBE's
Q. What did Frank Zappa name his daughter? A. Moon Unit Zappa
Q. What is the quickest recorded consumption of a 2.5 pint yard glass? A. 5 seconds
Q. What movie did Anthony of the Chilli Peppers appear in? A. Point Break
Q. What movie lead role did Jon Bon Jovi turn down? A. Footloose
Q. What was Crowded House's most successful single? A. Don't dream it's over
Q. What was James brown known as? A. Ambassador of Soul
Q. What was the biggest selling British album of all time? A. Pink Floyd - Dark side of the Moon
Q. What was the name of Dave Dobbyn's first solo album? A. Loyal
Q. What was the name of the band that was formed before Crowded House? A. The Mullanes
Q. What was the name of The Feelers debut album? A. Supersystem
Q. What year did Split Enz last play? A. 1984
Q. When were the beach boys formed? A. 1961
Q. Where are the Exponents from? A. Christchurch
Q. Which Pink Floyd band member appears on all of the bands albums? A. Nick Manson

 Speight's Gold Medal Ale Pride of the South Twist Off Only: 110 caps.

Q. Against who did the All Blacks last remain scoreless in a test match? A. Scotland (1963/64)
Q. Aussie netball coach Norma Plummer described the world champ Silver Fems as a bunch of what? A. Scrubbers
Q. Buzkashi, the sport of Afghanistan, involves fighting on horseback for the possession of what? A. A headless goat or calf
Q. How many All Blacks started in all seven tests in 1998? A. 5
Q. How many drop goals were scored in the baby blacks V France test in 1963? A. 6
Q. How many innings does a team have to play in a full game of softball? A. 7
Q. How many olympic gold medals did Peter Snell win? A. 3
Q. How many players took the field for NZ in its 1987 rugby world cup campaign? A. 23
Q. How many points are awarded for potting the brown ball in snooker? A. 4
Q. How many points did Simon Culhane score on his All Black debut? A. 45
Q. How many sports did NZ take part in at the the 1980 olympics? A. 2
Q. How many times have the All Blacks exceeded 100 points in a match? A. 4
Q. How many unions contest the Seddon shield? A. 4
Q. In what calendar year did the All Blacks play 40 matches? A. 1905
Q. In what sport is the Saville cup contested? A. Polo
Q. In what year did Counties first win the NPC? A. 1979
Q. In what year did NZ first win the world netball title? A. 1967
Q. In what year did NZ record its first win in test cricket? A. 1956
Q. In what year did princess Anne compete at the olympic games? A. 1976
Q. In what year was Colin Meads dropped from the All Blacks? A. 1962
Q. In what year was the mens cricket world cup first played? A. 1975
Q. In which 2 events did Danyon Loader win gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics? A. 200m & 400m freestyle
Q. In which 2 events did Danyon Loader win gold at the 1996 Olympics? A. 200m & 400m freestyle
Q. In which city was the first sub 4 minute mile run in NZ? A. Wanganui
Q. In which event did Mike Ryan win an olympic bronze medal in 1968? A. Marathon
Q. In which sport did Greg Louganis dominate the world? A. Diving
Q. In which sport did Harry Kent win commonwealth games gold? A. Cycling
Q. In which sport did Steve McDowell win an Oceania title in 1979? A. Judo
Q. In which year did Chris Lewis make it to the Wimbledon men's final? A. 1983
Q. In which year did NZ first win a cricket test against Australia? A. 1974
Q. In which year did Stacey Jones win league's prestigious Golden Boot Award? A. 2002
Q. In which year was the 5 point try introduced into NZ rugby? A. 1992
Q. Name NZ's only world professional biliards champion? A. Clark McConachy
Q. Name the 2 sons of an All Black captain who have played test rugby in the same team? A. Martin & John Leslie
Q. On which ground did Jeff Wilson make his All Black debut? A. Twickenham
Q. On which ground did the NZ men's cricket team first win a test against England? A. Basin Reserve (1978)
Q. Rower Sonia Waddell is the daughter of which All Black? A. Alistair Scown
Q. Sarah Ulmer won her 2004 Olympic gold medal in which event? A. Individual pursuit
Q. What boat did NZ race against to win the America's cup final in 1995? A. Young America
Q. What club won the Nth Harbour U19 rugby champs in 1999? A. East Coast Bays
Q. What country caused an upset win over the NZ rugy league team in 1963? A. South Africa
Q. What horse did Mark Todd ride at the 1984 & 1988 olympics? A. Charisma
Q. What is the longest swimming race in the olympic games? A. 1500m
Q. What is the main home ground of the Northland rugby team? A. Lowe Walker stadium
Q. What is the most goals scored by a player in a Chatham cup soccer final? A. 6
Q. What is the most number of penalties scored by the All Blacks in a test? A. 7 (Western Samoa)
Q. What NZ athlete won the 3000m at the 1982 commonwealth games? A. Anne Audain
Q. What was the score in the 1998 soccer world cup final? A. France 3 - Brazil 0
Q. What yacht did Peter Blake sail to win round the world race in 1990? A. Steinlager 11
Q. Which All Black scored a record 230 points on a tour to Britain & France? A. Billy Wallace
Q. Which All Black was sinbinned and scored 2 tries in the 3rd test against the 2005 Lions? A. Tana Umaga
Q. Which All Black's middle name is ”Tali”? A. Jonah Lomu
Q. Which athlete was the world's fastest female sprinter in 1998? A. Marion Jones
Q. Which back has played the most games for the All Blacks? A. Bryan Williams
Q. Which country did Connie Francis play netball for? A. Jamaica
Q. Which country did Rebecca Perrott swim for at the 1974 commonwealth games? A. Fiji
Q. Which county cricket team has Egbaston as a home ground? A. Warwickshire
Q. Which Fijian was ordered off against the All Blacks in 1997? A. Bill Cavubati
Q. Which former Warriors league star's name is Samoan for Hydrogen Oxygen? A. Hitro Okesene
Q. Which horse was harness racing's 1st million dollar earner? A. Cardigan Bay
Q. Which Kiwi had to pull out of the men's walk at the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games? A. Craig Barrett
Q. Which New Zealand Maori lock is known as the Orange Roughy? A. Paul Tito
Q. Which New Zealand referee last refereed the All Blacks? A. David Bishop
Q. Which NZ athlete won bronze in the 800m at the 1964 olympic games? A. Marise Chamberlain
Q. Which Otago No 8 in the 1980s and 90s was a children's book writer? A. Brent Pope
Q. Which province has the shortest tenure of the ranfurly shield? A. Wellington (7 days)
Q. Which Springbok flanker inspired a diagonal running drill still used in NZ rugby training? A. Hennie Muller
Q. Which team has conceded the most points in a Ranfurly shield match? A. North Otago (139)
Q. Which yacht did Chris Bouzaid sail to win the one ton cup in 1969? A. Rainbow 11
Q. Who beat Jahangir Khan to win the world squash title in 1986? A. Ross Norman
Q. Who beat Jim Ryan to win the olympic 1500m in 1968? A. Kip Keino
Q. Who captained the 1977 British Lions to NZ? A. Phil Bennett
Q. Who captained the 1998 Otago Highlanders in Taine Randell's absense? A. Jeff Wilson
Q. Who captained the All Blacks against Australia in 1964? A. John Graham
Q. Who captained the All Blacks against the 1971 British Lions? A. Colin Meads
Q. Who captained the NZ netball team at the 1967 world champs? A. Judy Blair
Q. Who captained the world cricket X1 against England in 1965? A. John Reid
Q. Who captioned the 1983 British Lions to NZ? A. Cairan Fitzgerald
Q. Who coached the 1997 Fiji rugby teamto NZ? A. Brad Johnstone
Q. Who did Canterbury defeat in the 1997 NPC final? A. Counties
Q. Who did Chris Lewis lose to in the 1983 Winbledon final? A. John McEnroe
Q. Who did NZ beat in the final of the 1984 world softball championships? A. Canada
Q. Who did Phillipa Baker win two double sculls world rowing titles with in 1993 and 1994? A. Brenda Lawson
Q. Who has made the most appearances in Ranfurly Shield rugby? A. Grant Fox (57)
Q. Who has played the most games for the Waikato rugby team? A. Ian Foster (148)
Q. Who has played the most matches for the All Blacks? A. Colin Meads (133)
Q. Who has scored 3 successive test centuries for NZ? A. Andrew Jones
Q. Who is NZ's only men's Wimbledon singles champion? A. Anthony Wilding
Q. Who is the only NZ'er to win a world Formula one drivers championship? A. Denny Hulme
Q. Who is the youngest player to play test cricket for NZ? A. Daniel Vettori
Q. Who is the youngest player to play test cricket for the All Blacks? A. Jonah Lomu
Q. Who played his last four games for the All Blacks in different positions? A. Bob Barber
Q. Who replaced Eddie Tonks as chairman of the NZRFU? A. Richie Guy
Q. Who rode great sensation to 3 Wellington cup wins in the 1960's? A. Bob Skelton
Q. Who scored 44 tries for the All Blacks on an overseas tour? A. Jimmy Hunter (1905)
Q. Who scored the All Blacks' 1st try at the 2003 World Cup? A. Brad Thorn
Q. Who trained the winning horse in the 2008 Melbourne Cup? A. Bart Cummings
Q. Who was named NZ sportsman of the 1970s? A. John Walker
Q. Who was NZ's first rugby test captain? A. Jimmy Duncan
Q. Who was the first All Black fullback to score a try in a test? A. Don Clarke
Q. Who was the first family combination to win the NZ sportsman of the year? A. Williams (Yvette & Roy)
Q. Who was the first NZ'er to win an olympic winter games medal? A. Annelise Coberger
Q. Who was the first rugby player to win the NZ sportsman of the year? A. Ron Jarden
Q. Who was the first South Island player to win the Tom French cup? A. Tane Norton (1973)
Q. Who was the NZ super 12 player of the year in 1998? A. Andrew Mehrtens
Q. Who was the top try scorer on the All Black tour to South Africa in 1970? A. Grahame Thorne (17)
Q. Who was voted MVP at the women's rugby world cup in 1998? A. Annaleah Rush
Q. Who won NZ's first olympic track & field gold medal? A. Jack Lovelock
Q. With which sport is the Jules Rimet trophy associated? A. World cup soccer
Q. Wynton Rufer won the European Cup Winners Cup with which German soccer club? A. Werder Bremen

 Speight's Master Brewers: 2 caps.

Q. In which sport would you 'loop', 'chop', 'double-bounce' and 'sidespin'? A. Table Tennis
Q. Who succeeded Alex Wylie as the All Blacks coach in 1992? A. Laurie Mains

 Speight's Gold Medal Ale Pride of the South: 7 caps.

Q. How many All Blacks started in all seven tests in 1998? A. 5
Q. Name the river that is navigated by kayak during the Speight's Coast to Coast? A. The Waimakariri river
Q. Who has scored 3 successive test centuries for NZ? A. Andrew Jones
Q. Who was the Black Ferns captain in 1998? A. Farrah Palmer
Q. Who won the inaugural NZ sportsman of the year in 1949? A. Bert Sutcliffe
Q. Who was the only NZ cricket squad member not to play at the 1992 World Cup? A. Murphy Sua
Q. With which sport was coach Cyrli Walter associated? A. Hockey

 Tui: 487 caps.

'Down Under' is a song on which Men at Work album? A. Business as Usual
'Nobody puts baby in the corner' is a line from which movie? A. Dirty Dancing
10 o'clock closing for pubs was introduced in which year? A. 1967
68% of players have lost at least 1 tooth in what professional sport? A. Ice Hockey
A baseball has exactly how many stitches? A. 108
An ant can lift items how many times heavier than its weight? A. 50
Ancient Egyptians mourned the death of cats by? A. Shaving eyebrowns.
At which Olympics was NZ's biggest gold medal haul? A. LA 1984
Before Blondie, what sort of job did Deborah Harry have? A. Playboy Bunny
Blow, Hail and Melt are three albums by which NZ band? A. Straitjacket Fits
Bob Parker was famous for hosting which show? A. This is Your life
Bruno Lawrence and Greer Robson co starred in which movie? A. Smash palace
Charlie Watt's is the drummer of what band? A. The Rolling Stones
Check out the Miss tui competition on www.tui.co.nz
Chris Carter created which TV series? A. The X Files
Did Phar Lap ever race in New Zealand? A. No
Drew Barrymore starred as a child with which Alien? A. ET
Eagle Rock is a 1971 number one single by which Australian Band? A. Daddy Cool
Foil, épée, and sabre are the three weapons used in what sport? A. Fencing
For many centuries, billiard balls were made out of what? A. Ivory
For what band did Charles Manson audition in the 60s? A. The Monkees
For which province did Justin Marshall first play for? A. Southland
Former snooker champion Stephen Hendry was from which country? A. Scotland
Frank Bunce played test rygby for NZ and which other country? A. Samoa
Fred Dagg had 7 sons, what were their names? A. All 7 were named Trev
From 1971 to 1991, how many points was a try worth in Rugby Union? A. Four
Gate Pa is a suburb of which NZ city? A. Tauranga
Gizmo was a furry creature in which movie? A. The Gremlins
Hawke's Bay first held the Ranfurly Shield in what year? A. 1922
Heartland was a New Zealand documentary hosted by whoom? A. Gary McCormick
How did Sir Edmund Hillary and his team travel to the South Pole? A. By Tractor
How does a Kiwi bird hunt? A. By smell
How far from NZ to the South Pole? A. 5340km
How far is the running leg of a Triathlon World Championship? A. 10 km
How fast can a chichken run? A. Up to 15km/h
How long can a Cockroach live for without a head? A. 10 days
How long is the line that an average pencil will draw? A. 35 miles
How long must a cowboy hold on in a Rodeo competition? A. 8 seconds
How many 'Police Academy' movies were made? A. Six
How many ABs were in the Manawatu side when they won NPC in 1980? A. 8
How many albums were officially released by the Sex Pistols? A. One
How many arcade games are there in a Pacman arcade game? A. 240
How many bones in the adult human body? A. 206
How many bridges are there in NZ? A. 16,772
How many casinos were operating in NZ in 2002? A. 5
How many compartments are there on a roulette wheel? A. 37
How many crew members are in an Olympic rowing eight? A. Nine
How many different languages are there in the world? A. 6900
How many dimples on a regulation golf ball. A. 336
How many eggs does the Kiwi lay in a year? A. 4 per season
How many gold medels did Danyon Loader win at the 1996 Olympics? A. Two
How many grooves are on the edge of a NZ 20 cent coin? A. 7
How many Jason movies are there? A. 10
How many kgs is the average bail of wool supposed to be? A. 180kg
How many Kiwis competed at the Beijing Olympics? A. A record 182
How many km of roads are there in NZ? A. 95,000km
How many lakes are in the vicinity of Rotorua? A. 16
How many languages was Baywatch translated into? A. 44
How many laps do drivers race in the Indianapolis 500? A. 200
How many litres in a standard yard glass? A. 3
How many lug nuts are on a standard car wheel? A. 5
How many major golf championships has Jack Nicklaus won? A. 18
How many majors did Jack Nicklaus win? A. 18
How many members in Salmonelle Dub? A. 5
How many miles per hour can the 'Shortfin Mako' shark swim? A. 60mph
How many million dollars were made from the 2003 RWC in ticket sales? A. $A202
How many mls in a Quart bottle? A. 745ml
How many NZ mile titles did Peter Snell win? A. 1
How many of Walter Hadlee's sons played first class cricket? A. 3
How many people in a jury? A. 12
How many players compete on an equestrian polo team? A. 4
How many pounds of skin do we shed in a lifetime? A. 40 pounds
How many sheep was NZ estimated to have in 1997? A. 47.7 million
How many species of spider in NZ? A. 2500
How many statutory holidays in NZ every year? A. 10
How many storeys does the Beehive building have? A. 14
How many sweat glands do your feet have? A. Approximately 250,000
How many terms did Helen Clark serve as Prime Minister? A. 3
How many times can you fold a square piece of paper? A. No more than 7
How many times is the F-word said in the movie Scarface? A. 207 times
How many tonnes of vegetation do NZ's possums eat yearly? A. 21,000
How many tries has Jonah Lomu scored for the All Blacks? A. 37
How many versions of 'Yesterday' by the Beatles have been recorded? A. 2500
How many world records did Peter Snell break in 1964? A. Two
How many yards long is a cricket pitch? A. 22
How much does Mexico City sink per year? A. Approx 10 inches
How much is the +75 years women's weight lifting record? A. 285kg
How old was Daniel Vettori when he made his test debut? A. 18 years
How old was Susan Devoy when she first became world number one? A. 20
How old were Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison when they died? A. 27
How tall is the Auckland Sky Tower? A. 328 metres
How tall is the bottle of L&P in the town of Paeroa? A. 7 metres
Humans and what animal have sex for pleasure? A. Dolphins
If it is 3pm in NZ, what time is it in the Chatham Islands? A. 3.45pm
In 'Three Men and a Baby' what was the baby's name? A. Mary
In 1935 who set a land speed record in a car named Bluebird? A. Malcolm Campbell
In 1961, Barmaids were re-introduced, how old did they have to be? A. 25
In 1982, John Belushi died of an overdose of what? A. Cocaine & Heroin
In 1985 Live Aid concert played in what London stadium? A. Wembley
In a game of chess, which colour moves first? A. White
In basketball how long do you have on the shot clock? A. 24 sec
In cricket, what is a dolly? A. An easy catch
In cricket, who was nicknamed the Mantis? A. Jeremy Coney
In Ferris Buellers Day Off who is Cameron going to marry? A. The first girl he lays
In Footrot Flats, what type of animal is Horse? A. Cat
In France a 'French kiss' is called a what? A. English kiss
In Ghostbusters what was the giant at the end called? A. Staypuft marshmallow man
In golf, a green jacket is awarded to the winner of which tournament? A. US Masters
In snooker what coloured ball is worth four points? A. Brown
In Southpark-what did Hanky the xmas poo flood the town with? A. Sewage
In Southpark, what is Kyle's little brothers name? A. Ike
In tennis, which is the only grand slam tournament played on clay? A. French Open
In the film 'The Endless Summer' what are they searching for? A. the perfect wave
In the film Tin Cup who was the male lead? A. Kevin Costner
In the last 2 Matrix movies, who protects 'that which matters most'? A. Seraph
In the Lone Ranger, what was the name of Tonto's horse? A. Scout
In the movie 'Grease' what was the gang of gilrs called? A. Pink Ladies
In what country did coffee originate from? A. Ethiopia
In what movie did Arnold Schwarzenegger get pregnant? A. Junior
In what movie did Tobey Maguire play a jockey? A. Seabiscuit
In what NZ town was Goodbye Pork Pie filmed? A. Raetihi
In what sport do you throw stones? A. Curling
In what sport was Andy Fordhammer the 2003 World Champion? A. Darts
In what sport was Murray Walker a commentator? A. Motor Racing
In what year did Mt Tarawera Erupt? A. 1886
In what year was New Zealand's first telethon? A. 1975
In what year was Sunday trading of liquor abolished? A. 1881
In what year was television 3 launched in New Zealand? A. 1988
In what year were the first awards for NZ music presented? A. 1965
In which American city was Hill Street Blues set? A. New York
In which ball game are players supposed to keep off the field of play? A. Polo
In which cartoon was Officer Dibble an official? A. Top Cat
In which comedy series did Robin Williams play an alien? A. Mork and Mindy
In which country did tennis originate? A. France
In which country did the Silver Ferne win the 2003 Netball Champs? A. Jamaica
In which country was an Air NZ 747 hijacked? A. Fiji
In which country was England cricketer Nasser Hussain born? A. India
In which decade were the first Oscars awarded? A. 1920's
In which sport was the Plunket shield contested for? A. Cricket
In which sport would you abide by the Cartwright rules? A. Baseball
In which sport would you do an O'Brien shift? A. Shot put
In which year was the first official television broadcast in Auckland? A. 1969
Jimmy Hendrix died, the Beatles broke up, what year was it? A. 1970
Lesat is the name of a vampire in which novel? A. Interview with the Vampire
Lions cannot roar until they are how many years old? A. 2
Major Tom is a character in which 1969 David Bowie song? A. Space Oddity
Mickey Mouse was originally named what? A. Mortimer
Name Keanu Reeve's character in the movie Point Break? A. Johnny Utah
Name of the famous artwork on the New Plymounth foreshore? A. Windwand
Name the Christmas Poo in Southpark? A. Hanky
Name the first rap song to hit #1? A. 'Ice Ice Baby' Vanilla Ice
Name the incredible Hulks alter ego? A. Bruce Banner
Name the lead singer of The Exponents? A. Jordan Luck
Name the Mr's in Reservoir Dogs? A. Brown, Blue, Blonde, Whita, Orange, Pink
Name the tiny people who tied up Gulliver? A. Lilliputians
Nasty is a song title from which member of the Jackson family? A. Janet
New Zealand crickets only Polynesian international? A. Murphy Sua
New Zealand's first permanent lighthouse was built where? A. Pencarrow Head
Of which type of Ferrari were only 349 produced? A. F50
On 'Star Trek,' what colour is Mr. Spock's blood? A. Green
On average a human has how many million sweat glands? A. 2 million
On average how many trees can a beaver cut down per year? A. 200
On what Hawajian island is the Bonsai Pipeline located? A. Oahu
On which 1985 single did David Bowie and Mick Jagger collaborate? A. Fame
Over 200,000 pounds of what is surgically removed every year? A. Fat
Q. Alex Wyllie made his test debut in which year? A. 1970
Q. Alex Wyllie scored test tries against Ireland and which other country? A. Scotland
Q. Andy Earl played rugby for Glenmark & which other canty club? A. Culverden
Q. CDHB is an abbreviation for? A. Canterbury District Health Board
Q. Chris Nicholson won NZ titles in cycling and which other sport? A. Ice-skating
Q. Danyon Loader won gold medals at Atlanta in 1996 over what distances? A. 200m & 400m
Q. Denny Hulme won the Formula 1 world championship in which year? A. 1967
Q. How many gold medals did Ian Ferguson win at the '1984 Olympics? A. 3
Q. In what year did Canterbury first defend the Ranfurly Shield? A. 1927
Q. On average Tiger Woods took how many putts per round in 2002? A. 29
Q. The Canterbury rugby team beat which international side 11-9 in 1957? A. All Blacks
Q. Which country did Alex Wyllie coach in the 1999 World Cup? A. Argentina
Q. Who did Canterbury beat to claim the Ranfurly shield in 1982? A. Wellington
Q. Who was the only Cantabrian in the 2003 NZ 7's squad in Wellington? A. Jason Tiatia
Q. Who was the only Canty player, a wing, when NZ v Lions in 1966 at Chch? A. Tony Steel
Robert Allen Zimmermann is better known as whom? A. Bob Dylan
Sauron is an evil character in which book/movie? A. Lord of the Rings
Saving Private Ryan was a movie directed by whom? A. Steven Spielberg
Siad Aoulta was a former champion in which sport? A. Athletics (running)
Simpsons creator Matt Groening's father and son are both named what? A. Homer
Sir Edmund Hillary is on which New Zealand currency? A. $5 note
The average lifespan of a tornado is how many minutes? A. 15
The Footrot Flat characters starred in which film? A. A Dogs Tail
The House of the Rising Sun refers to what? A. A brothel in New Orleans
The Live Aid concert was held in 1985 in which London stadium? A. Wembley Stadium
The Strokes are from which city? A. New York
Tina Turner sang the title song for which Bond movie? A. Goldfinger
Tony Barry and Bruno Lawrence starred in which film? A. Good Bye Pork Pie
U2's Angel of Harlem was written about what singer? A. Billie Holiday
Wal, Cheeky, Horse were created by who? A. Murray Ball
Western Suburbs League club had the mascot name of what? A. Magpies
What 2 ball sports use the term ace? A. Golf & Tennis
What 3 main gases make up a fart? A. Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide & Methane
What actor was famous for the line 'nanoo nanoo'? A. Robin Williams
What age did the world's youngest mother give birth? A. 5 years old
What animal can clean its ears with a 21 inch tongue? A. Giraffe
What animal can go up stairs but not down? A. Cow
What animal has the largest tongue in the world? A. Giraffe (45-50cm)
What are New Zealand banknotes made from? A. Plastic polymer
What are Sean Fitzpatrick's middle names? A. Brian Thomas
What are the NZ Music Awards colloquially know as? A. The Tuis
What band member from Split Enz grew up in Paekakariki? A. Noel Crombie
What band released the album 'louder than love'? A. Soundgarden
What beverage is made from a plant & was once named 'Octil'? A. Tequila
What bird can reproduce without mating? A. Turkey
What breed of dog is Scooby Doo? A. Great Dane
What building is commonly called The Beehive? A. The Executive Wing
What car name translates to people's car in English? A. Volkswagen
What cartoon featured toad licking & sniffing paint thinner? A. Beavis & Butthead
What colour are the stars on a NZ Flag? A. Red & White
What composer's life was highlighted in the movie Amadeus? A. Mozart
What country has the most individual beer brands? A. Belgium
What country was Greg Rusedski born in? A. Canada
What decade did the Titanic sink? A. 1910s
What did businessman Anthony Yock introduce into NZ? A. Jandals
What did Cheech and Chong most like to do? A. Smoke dope
What did John Britten invent? A. The Britten Motorcycle
What do you do when you 'nictate'? A. Blink
What do you fear if you have Cenosillicaphobia? A. An emtpy glass
What does 'Polynesia' mean? A. Many islands
What does a 'sculler' have, that other rowers dont? A. Two oars
What does a cricketer shout when he appeals? A. Howzat?
What does a polyorchid man have at least three of? A. Testicles
What does ALF stand for? A. Alian Life Form
What does the B stand for in B L Cairns? A. Bernard
What does the R stand for in G R Larsen? A. Rolf
What does the S stand for in I D S Smith? A. Stockey
What does the Spaceballs bumber sticker say? A. I love Uranus
What does the V stand for in J V Coney? A. Vernon
What English rugby player did Jonah Lomu run over in 1995? A. Mike Catt
What ethnicity is Bic Runga? A. Maori/Chinese
What extreme sport did New Zealand invent? A. Bungee Jumping
What famous pop star owns a studio named Paisley Park? A. Prince
What film holds the world record for 'number of cars crashed'? A. The Blues Brothers
What former NZ cricketer was known as the postman? A. Gavin Larsen
What former NZ wicketkeeper also coached the Black Caps? A. Warren Lees
What ground held the first TAB betting rugby match? A. Athletic Park
What ground is known as the theatre of dreams? A. Old Trafford
What height is the world's tallest person? A. 2.72 metres
What household spread can help remove chewing gum? A. Peanut Butter
What is a baby oyster called? A. A spat
What is a Boneshaker A. An early bicycle witout pneumatic tyres
What is a Hurley? A. A hockey stick
What is Alice Cooper's main hobby? A. Collecting old watches
What is another name for 'ER' in hospital? A. Casualty
What is Barbies full name? A. Barbara Millicent Roberts
What is Bart Simpson's pet dog named? A. Santa's little helper
What is Bono's real name? A. Paul Hewson
What is converted into alcohol during brewing? A. Sugar
What is David Boon's record for drinking beer cans on a flight? A. 52
What is David Bowie's real name? A. David Jones
What is Homer Simpson's middle name? A. J
What is impossible to keep open while sneezing? A. Your eyes
What is Magic Johnson's actual first name? A. Earvin
What is Marge Simpsons maiden name? A. Bouvier
What is Mr Burns' first name in The Simpsons? A. Montgomery
What is Napier's main sporting ground called? A. McLean Park
What is New Zealand's longest runnig show? A. Country Calendar
What is NZ's second highest mountain? A. Tasman (3497m)
What is Rubin Carters nickname? A. Hurricane
What is South Park character Cartmans' first name? A. Eric
What is Spiderman's real name? A. Peter Parker
What is the 'Japanese Tree Bear' more commonly known as? A. Possum
What is the best Selling book ever published in New Zealand? A. Edmonds cookbook
What is the biggest animal in the world? A. Blue Whale
What is the biggest participant sport in the world? A. Fishing
What is the brightest constellation in the Southern skies? A. Southern Cross
What is the colour of the #5 ball in pool? A. Orange
What is the common name for an 'Alligator Pear'? A. Avocado
What is the common name for sodium chloride? A. Salt
What is the fastest try scored in a Rugby Union World Cup match from kick-off? A. 18 secs.
What is the first city in the world to see the sun daily? A. Gisborne
What is the highest mainland volcanic cone in Auckland? A. Mt Eden
What is the highest recorded temperature in NZ? A. 42.4C
What is the last name of all the members of the Datsuns? A. Datsun
What is the lenght of NZ? A. 1600 km
What is the longest lake in NZ? A. Lake Wakatipu
What is the lowest recorded temperature in NZ? A. -21.6 Ophir (Central Otago)
What is the main ingredient in beer? A. Water
What is the main ingredient of the ANZAC biscuits? A. Rolled Oats
What is the Maori name for the North Island of NZ? A. Te Ika a Maui
What is the more commonly known name for the Parson Bird? A. Tui
What is the most common element of Earth? A. Hydrogen
What is the most re-recorded song in history? A. Yesterday by The Beatles
What is the most venomous fish known to man? A. Stonefish
What is the most widely viewed TV series ever? A. Baywatch
What is the mountain of Aoraki also known as? A. Mt Cook
What is the name of Morpheus' ship in the Matrix? A. Nebuchadnezzer
What is the name of Rubicon debut album? A. Primary
What is the name of the Dukes of Hazzard car? A. General Lee
What is the name of the talking dog in 'Men in Black'? A. Frank
What is the nickname of the Manawatu rugby team? A. Turbos
What is the official language of Brazil? A. Portugese
What is the oldest continuous trophy in sports? A. America's Cup
What is the oldest written recipe in the world for? A. Beer
What is the only animal that cannot jump? A. Elephant
What is the only bird to have nostrils at the end of it's nose? A. The kiwi
What is the only bird with a penis? A. Swan
What is the only human body part that does not age? A. Tongue
What is the only planet not named after a god? A. Earth
What is the only word in English that ends with 'mt'? A. Dreamt
What is the quickest breed of dog in the world? A. The Greyhound
What is the real name of former Pixies front man? A. Charles Thopson III
What is the scientific name for a tomato? A. Wolf peach (lycopersicum)
What is the second most consumed vegetable in the world? A. Tomato
What is the singer Meatloaf's birt name? A. Marvin Lee Aday
What is the straight between the South Island and Stewart Island called? A. Foveaux
What is the title of Bic Runga's 1997 debut album? A. Drive
What is the Wizard's Real name? A. Ian Brackenbury Channell
What is the world's largest hot water spring in NZ? A. Frying Pan Lake
What is the world's most southern wine producing region? A. Otago
What job did a 'nob thatcher' do in the olden days? A. Make wigs
What kind of tourism is Queenstown famous for? A. Adventure tourism
What Kiwi sang in the Phantom of the Opera? A. Rob Guest
What magazine did Kim Basinger bare all when she was 17? A. Playboy
What make and model car was 'Christine'? A. 1958 Plymouoth Fury
What movie did Antonio Banderas play a dance teacher? A. Take the lead
What movie did Nicole Kidman win an Oscar for in 2003? A. The Hours
What movie was the song 'Duelling Banjos' from? A. Deliverance
What nationality are Tatu? A. Russian
What nationality were the first Europeans to immigrate to NZ? A. German
What NZ band sang about a girl called Sophie? A. Goodshirt
What NZ disaster happened in 1953? A. The Tangiwai train crash
What occurs more often in December than any other month? A. Conception
What percent of NZ'ers have a TV? A. 98%
What pop group rose to fame singing songs written by Dave Dobbyn? A. D. D. Smash
What rock band had hit with Fast Lip, Motivation & what we're all say about? A. Sum 41
What shape is Dunedins city centre? A. Octagon
What sport can you obtain a 'turkey'? A. 10 pin bowling
What superhero is in every episode of Seinfeld? A. Superman
What volcanic plates do NZ lie on? A. Indo-Australian and Pacific
What was Adam Sandler's occupation in 'Big Daddy'? A. Tollbooth worker
What was Iggy Pop's first band was called? A. Iguanas
What was Jim Morrison arrested for in Miami 1969? A. Indecent exposure
What was NZ's open-road speed limit before it became 100kph? A. 80Kph
What was Sir Basil Spence famous for? A. Designing The Beehive
What was Steve McQueen driving in the movie Bullit? A. 1968 Mustang Fastback
What was the band 'Linkin Park' originally called? A. Xero
What was the first capital of New Zealand? A. Russell
What was the former name of the Green Party? A. Values Party
What was the name of the dog on Danny Watson's TV show? A. Sniff
What was the shortest term for a NZ Prime Minister? A. 7 days
What was the super-continent which NZ was once a part of? A. Gondwana
What was the world's most valuable brand in 2008? A. Google
What was visible in the NZ sky in 1985? A. Halley's Comet
What weight division would a 52kg boxer be fighting in? A. Bantamweight
What were 'The Exponents' originally called? A. The Dance Exponents
What were the Canterbury Bulldogs formally known as? A. The Berries
What year did Billy T James die? A. 1991
What year did Sir Edmund Hillary climb Mt. Everest? A. 1953
What year did the drummer from Def Leopard loose his arm? A. 1984
What year did Tulmato Sauce launch in New Zealand? A. 2008
What year was Buzzy Bee first launched? A. 1947
What year was corporal punishment banned in schools? A. 1990
What year was Muhammad Ali's last as heavyweight champion? A. 1979
What year was the Wahine disaster? A. 1968
What year were the first Paralympic Games held? A. 1960
What years did the Canberra Raiders win the Winfield Cup? A. 1988-1989
What's a surfer called who rides with his right foot forward? A. Goofy
What's Jarrod Bear's middle name? A. Matthew
What's the international phone dialling code for Antarctica? A. +672
What's the most common kind of deer in NZ? A. The red deer
When did Kiwibank open? A. Feb 2002
When did NZ become the world's first anti-nuclear country? A. 1985
When did NZ gain full independence from Britain? A. 1947
When did Rugby Union in New Zealand become professional? A. 1995
When did the first Lebanese immigrate to NZ? A. The 1890's
When was 6 o'clock closing of pubs introduced? A. 1917
When was the first New Zealand Rugby Union founded? A. 1879
When was Tui launched in 375ml cans? A. 1988
Where can you find the Pink & White Terraces? A. Tarawera
Where did the name 'East India Pale Ale' originate? A. England
Where is an octopuses testicles located? A. In its head
Where is Frying Pan Lake located in New Zealand? A. Walmangu
Where is New Zealand's biggest railway junction located? A. Hamilton
Where is the Art Deco capital of the world? A. Napier
Where is the deepest part of the Ocean? A. Marianas Trench
Where is the largest beer festival in the world held? A. Germany
Where is the rugby stadium known as the 'House of Pain'? A. Dunedin
Where is the town Piltz, after which Pilsener is named? A. Czech Republic
Where was NZ's first capital city locateD? A. Kororareka (Russell)
Where was the U.S. Marines' first recruiting station? A. In a bar
Which brewery once bottled 'Empire Bitter'? A. Tui Brewery
Which character does James Grandolfini play in a TV series? A. Tony Soprano
Which country has the largest hotel in the world? A. Malaysia
Which country was the AB's largest win of 145-17 against? A. Japan
Which country won the most gold medals at Beijing Olympics? A. China
Which current NZ dollar note has Ernest Rutherford on it? A. $100 note
Which famous artist cut off his ear? A. Vincent Van Gogh
Which fast food company did Dave Thomas found? A. Wendys
Which female tennis star once stabbed on court? A. Monica Seles
Which fingernail grows the slowest? A. Thumbnail
Which former All Black broke the nose of Wallaby Paul Carozza? A. Richard Loe
Which former All Black captain ripped a scrotum during a game? A. Buck Shelford
Which hemisphere contains the most countries? A. Northern
Which Irish band sand the song 'I don't like Mondays'? A. Boomtown Rats
Which Jamaican father & son had separate hit singles? A. Bob and Ziggy Marley
Which kills more people a year coconuts or sharks? A. Coconuts
Which King in a deck of cards doesn't have a moustache? A. King of Hearts
Which large Auckland street has a song named after it? A. Dominion Rd.
Which member of the 7 dwarfs doesn't have a beard? A. Dopey
Which motor company produces the Pajero? A. Mitsubishi
Which museum is built on top of Moa Bones? A. Canterbury Museum
Which NBA player wears the largest shoes? A. Shaquille O'Neal, size 23
Which New Zealand song was the first hit on overseas charts? A. She's a Mod
Which New Zealander is famous for advertising Toyota Hilux? A. Barry Crume
Which NZ actor starred in the movie 'Gladiator'? A. Russell Crowe
Which NZ band did Dave Dobbyn sing 'Slice of Heaven' with? A. Herbs
Which NZ comedian was born as William Taitoko? A. Billy T James
Which NZ cricketer once held the record for most number of ducks? A. Danny Morrison
Which NZ island was once called New Leinster? A. Stewart Island
Which NZ model once starred in an ad for 'Trumpets'? A. Rachel Hunter
Which NZ province did Colin Meads once coach? A. King County
Which NZ university was established in 1963? A. Massey
Which planet is fifth from the sun? A. Jupiter
Which plant symbolises St. Patrick's Day? A. A shamrock
Which pro-surfer dated Pamela Anderson? A. Kelly Slater
Which sex has a higher proportion of left handed people? A. Males
Which side of a woman's blouse are the buttons on? A. Left
Which species of jellyfish is the most deadly? A. Australian Box Jellyfish
Which Star Wars movie did Ewocks first appear in? A. Return of the Jedi
Which state highway is the Tui Brewery on? A. SH 2
Which superhero did Adam West play on TV? A. Batman
Which TV character was based in a telephone box? A. Dr Who
Which U2 album was the first to sell a million copies? A. Joshua Tree
Which was the first single released on Nirvana's In Utero? A. Heart shaped box
Which way does the Jack of Hearts usually face? A. Right
Which whale will beach itself in order to catch seal lions? A. Killer Whale
Which year did the All Blacks first tour South Africa? A. 1928
Who became boxings youngest world heavyweight titleholder in 1987? A. Mike Tyson
Who coached Wellington to their 2000 NPC title? A. Dave Rennie
Who created the Far Side cartoons? A. Gary Larson
Who did NZ score a century against in the 1998 Rugby World Cup? A. Italy
Who directed the 'World's Fastest Indian' movie? A. Roger Donaldson
Who has played for the Brisbane Broncos & the Crusaders? A. Brad Thorn
Who has scored the most points in test rugby? A. Jonny Wilkinson
Who has scored the most tries in a single test for the All Blacks? A. Marc Ellis (6)
Who has the fastest tennis serve to date? A. Andy Roddick
Who has thrown the most NFL touchdown passes? A. Brett Farve
Who invented the automobile? A. Karl Benz
Who invented the game 'cribbage'? A. Sir John Suckling
Who invented the toilet? A. Thomas Crapper
Who made 133 appearances for the All Blacks? A. Colin Meads
Who ousted the All Blacks from the '99 World Cup? A. France
Who owns the 'News Limited Empire'? A. Rupert Murdoch
Who played fullback in the 1924 All Black 'invincibles'? A. George Nepia
Who played Rambo? A. Sylvester Stallone
Who played the character Happy Gilmour? A. Adam Sandler
Who plays James Bond in the 1987 movie The Living Daylights? A. Timothy Dalton
Who said 'An openside likes having his mates up his backside'? A. Murray Mexted
Who said 'Facts are stupid things'? A. Ronald Reagan
Who said 'He was a wise man who invented beer'? A. Plato
Who said 'I've been pumping Martin Leslie for a couple of years'? A. Murray Mexted
Who said 'My mum is not a washing machine, say it'? A. Robocop
Who said 'You don't like to see hookers going down on players like that'? A. Murray Mexted
Who sang 'The Gambler'? A. Kenny Rogers
Who sang of doing 'the crocodile rock'? A. Elton John
Who scored the most points on test debut for the All Blacks? A. Simon Culhane (45)
Who sings the Kiwi hit song 'Brother'? A. Smashproof feat. Gin
Who starred alongside Neve Campbell in the movie 'Wild Things'? A. Denise Richards
Who starred with Jim Carrey in 'Dump and Dumber'? A. Jeff Daniels
Who was Fred Flintstone's best mate in the TV show? A. Barney Rubble
Who was Hugh Grant caught out with? A. Devine Brown
Who was Jason Gunn's puppet buddy at the start of his career? A. Thingee
Who was named Greatest All Black of the 20th century? A. Colin Meads
Who was New Zealand's first Olympic medallist? A. Harry Kerr (1908)
Who was the 'butt' of all jokes in 2001? A. John Hopoate
Who was the AB coach when they won the 1987 Rugby WC? A. Brian Lochore
Who was the American president during the Gulf War? A. George Bush
Who was the first ever cricket player to take 400 test wickets? A. Sir Richard Hadles
Who was the first German to win a men's single title at Wimbledon? A. Boris Becker
Who was the first male to appear on the cover of Playboy? A. Peter Sellers
Who was the first player to appear in four Rugby WCs? A. Gareth Reece
Who was the first team to win the Ranfurly Shield? A. Wellington
Who was the leader of the good Transformers? A. Optimus Prime
Who was the leading try scorer at the 2007 Rygby WC? A. Drew Mitchell
Who was the NZ netball captain in 1999? A. Belinda Colling
Who wears the Fisherman's Ring? A. The Pope
Who were Team NZ led by in their 1993 America's Cup win? A. Sir Peter Blake
Who won the Halberg Award in '98, '99 and 2000? A. Rob Waddell
Whose life-long ambition is it to catch road runner? A. Wile E. Coyote
You are more likely to be killed by a Champagne cork than what? A. A Spider

 CD Canterbury Draught: 15 caps.

Q. Alex Wyllie made his test debut in which year? A. 1970
Q. Alex Wyllie scored test tries against Ireland and which other country? A. Scotland
Q. Andy Earl played rugby for Glenmark & which other canty club? A. Culverden
Q. CDHB is an abbreviation for? A. Canterbury District Health Board
Q. Chris Nicholson won NZ titles in cycling and which other sport? A. Ice-skating
Q. Danyon Loader won gold medals at Atlanta in 1996 over what distances? A. 200m & 400m
Q. Denny Hulme won the Formula 1 world championship in which year? A. 1967
Q. How many gold medals did Ian Ferguson win at the '1984 Olympics? A. 3
Q. In what year did Canterbury first defend the Ranfurly Shield? A. 1927
Q. On average Tiger Woods took how many putts per round in 2002? A. 29
Q. The Canterbury rugby team beat which international side 11-9 in 1957? A. All Blacks
Q. Which country did Alex Wyllie coach in the 1999 World Cup? A. Argentina
Q. Who did Canterbury beat to claim the Ranfurly shield in 1982? A. Wellington
Q. Who was the only Cantabrian in the 2003 NZ 7's squad in Wellington? A. Jason Tiatia
Q. Who was the only Canty player, a wing, when NZ v Lions in 1966 at Chch? A. Tony Steel

 Twist Off Only: 3 caps.

Q. In which year was Sunline born? A. 1995
Q. Who recorded the song 'My Old Man's an All Black'? A. Howard Morrison Quartet
Q. Who won the 2003 inter Dominion racing final? A. Baltic Eagle

 1 cap.

Q. Where did NZ race car driver Scott Dixon place in the 2008 Indy 500? A. First

 Waikato Draught Since 1925 Twist off Only: 2 caps.

Q. In what year was John Mitchell appointed Waikato captain? A. 1989
Q. Who was the captain when NZ beat the West Indies at Dunedin in 1980? A. Geoff Howarth

 New Zealand BlackCaps: 57 caps.

Against which country at the 2003 Cricket World Cup did NZ forfeit their match? A. Kenya
How many centuries did Matthew Hayden score in the 2007 Cricket World Cup? A. 3
How many different countries did John Wright play test matches against? A. 6
How many ODI's did Adam Parore play? A. 179
How many of Walter Hadlee's sons played first class cricket? A. 3
How many test centuries did Chris Cairns score? A. 5
How many test centuries did John Wright score? A. 12
How many test tickets did Sir Vivian Richards take? A. 32
How many test wickets did Danny Morrison take? A. 160
How many test wickets did Shane Warne take? A. 708
How many times did Sir Richard Hadlee take 10 wickets in a test match? A. 9
How many wickets did Shane Bond take during the 2007 Cricket World Cup? A. 13
How many wickets did Sir Richard Hadlee take in his test career? A. 431
How old was Ken Rutherford when he made his test debut againts the West Indies in 1984/85? A. 19
In 2003 who became the first bowler to take 50 wickets in Cricket World Cup mataches? A. Wasim Akram
In 2005 the ICC moved its headquarters from Lord's to which city? A. Dubai
In how many test matches that Lee Germon played, was he not the captain? A. 0
In what season did Shane Bond first play a test for NZ? A. 2001/02
In which Sri Lankan city did NZ win a tri-series with Pakistan and Sri Lanka in 2002/03? A. Dambulla
What country was formed England player Graeme Hick born in? A. Zimbabwe
What is Billy Bowden's real first name? A. Brent
What is the name of Hobart's international cricket ground? A. Bellerive Oval
What is the name of the international cricket ground in Birmingham? A. Edgbaston
What is the name of the main cricket ground in Palmerston North? A. Fitzherbert Park
What was Glenn Turner's highest test score? A. 259
What was Ian Smith's highest test score? A. 173
Which city hosted the 1992 Cricket World Cup final? A. Melbourne
Which country was Mathew Sinclair born on? A. Australia
Which English country did Martin Crowe play for? A. Somerset
Which English opener scored a century against New Zealand in test debut at Lord's in 2004? A. Andrew Strauss
Which former West Indian cricket star has had Antigua's new cricket stadium named after him? A. Sir Vivian Richards
Which NZ batsman scored 92 in his test debut against India in Hamilton in 1993/94? A. Stephen Fleming
Which NZ batsman scored 267 in a test against Sri Lanka at Dunedin in 1996/97? A. Bryan Young
Which NZ batsman scored a test century in each innings against Sri Lanka at Hamilton in 1990/91? A. Andrew Jones
Which NZ batsman scored two test centuries against England during the series in England in 1994? A. Martin Crowe
Which NZ bowler took 12 wickets in a test against Australia at Auckland in 1999/00? A. Daniel Vettori
Which other team joined NZ and England to contest the NatWest Series in England in 2004? A. West Indies
Which Pakistani player scored 271 against NZ in a test in 1988/89? A. Javed Miandad
Which player (any country) took the most ODI wickets in the 2004 calendar year? A. Mashrafe Mortaza
Which South African city is the Wanderers Cricket ground in? A. Johannesburg
Which team did Jeff Wilson play four ODI's against in 1992/93? A. Australia
Which team did NZ beat in 2001/02 in Auckland to record their 50th test win? A. England
Which team won the 1983 Cricket World Cup? A. India
Which test playing nation is the newest to international cricket? A. Bangladesh
Which two London grounds host internation cricket matches? A. Lord's & The Oval
Which was the first non-playing test nation to reach the semifinals of the Cricket World Cup? A. Kenya
Who did Kevin Pietersen score his first test match double hundred against? A. West Indies
Who did NZ play in their first ever ODI? A. Pakistan
Who is the only player to play in the first and 100th Test match played by a country? A. Arjuna Ranatunga
Who scored a match winning century for NZ in the final of the ICC Knockout Tournament in 2000? A. Chris Cairns
Who succeeded Geoff Howarth as NZ cricket coach? A. Glenn Turner
Who was knighted in 1990 while he was still playing test cricket? A. Sir Richard Hadlee
Who was NZ's captain in the 1996 Cricket World Cup? A. Lee Germon
Who was the coach of India at the 2007 Cricket World Cup? A. Greg Chappell
Who was the first player from any country to score 10,000 test runs? A. Sunil Gavaskar
Who was the second NZ bowler to reach 200 test wickets? A. Chris Cairns
Who were the first two teams to play in an OZ in NZ A. Pakistan and New Zealand

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