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Guestbook entries 2003

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arturo felix -- Saturday, 27.12 2003, 02:30 am
E-mail: felixbcc@yahoo.com
Country: united states of america
good place tyo trade with to get caps from europe, do buisness soon

Anders And Nicolas -- Wednesday, 17.12 2003, 06:32 pm
E-mail: kingofcycling@mail.dk
www: http://crowncaps.frac.dk
Country: Denmark
Subject: New Homepage
Hey all,
We have now opened a new homepage, but there is not so much on it right now!
and we have also got a new mail!


Valery -- Tuesday, 16.12 2003, 11:58 am
E-mail: kostj.val@list.ru
Country: russia
Subject: crown caps
You want have exhang with me?Send please e-mail

Alekseeva Marina -- Saturday, 13.12 2003, 01:16 am
E-mail: argile4@inbox.ru
Country: Russia
Subject: Muumi caps
Hello dear friend-collectors!
Maybe anybody have Muumi set for trade?
Please, e-mail me, this set is my dream! I have for trade some caps from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Moldova.

bastien -- Sunday, 30.11 2003, 02:12 pm
E-mail: beuhbaba@hotmail.com
www: http://beuhbaba.free.fr
Country: france
Subject: beerlabels
I am looking for beerlabels from worldwide ... I can trade crown caps ..

Joe Parrell -- Tuesday, 18.11 2003, 06:58 pm
E-mail: capsincanada@hotmail.com
Country: Canada
Subject: Cap Trade
Let me know if anyone is interested in a trade for Canadian Caps. I collect any kind of crown cap (except rusted or very damaged) and I'm interested in both small and bulk trades.

Fedorov Andrei -- Saturday, 8.11 2003, 10:22 pm
E-mail: fanat86@mail.ru
Country: Russia
I can offer for trade beer caps from Russia and Ukrain.

vilela jerome -- Wednesday, 5.11 2003, 04:37 pm
E-mail: jeromevilela@aol.com
Country: france
i'm french and i would to trade my crowns caps,i collect beer ,soda water ...

Marc Morell -- Sunday, 26.10 2003, 08:00 pm
E-mail: poniol60@telefonica.net
Country: Spain
Subject: Crown caps trading
collect worldwide crown caps and I wish to contact with other collectors over the world to trade. I have to trade many caps of beer, soda, water, etc of many countries.

Dmitriy -- Thursday, 23.10 2003, 02:56 pm
E-mail: dmitriy_il@mail.ru
Country: Russia
Subject: Trading caps
Great collection!!! Nice site!
I have crown caps from russia and ukraina - want to trade it!


Simo Räsänen -- Sunday, 19.10 2003, 06:36 pm
E-mail: noisyaargh@luukku.com
www: http://www.sw-s.cjb.net
Country: Finland
Subject: Crown caps trading
hi everyone! i'm interested to trading with someone. i hope to get some new caps from different countries. i have much tradecaps from my country and from elsewhere too!


Christian Hauser -- Sunday, 19.10 2003, 03:33 pm
E-mail: heikohauser@web.de
www: http://chr.hauser.bei.t-online.de
Country: Germany
Subject: free sms without registration
Hello from Nuernberg (Germany)!
This is a nice Site.
Greetings from Christian

Pierre-Jean RIVES -- Sunday, 19.10 2003, 09:29 am
E-mail: srabets@tiscali.fr
Country: France
Subject: trade, of course
hello, ready to trade ; I have several new french caps and also caps from all over the world and also some old cork french caps I trade from similars caps.

Syd Jordaan -- Monday, 13.10 2003, 10:29 pm
E-mail: syd@xs4all.nl
www: http://www.crown-cap.tk
Country: The Netherlands
Subject: New site - CrownCapsOnline
My new website is online! Totally new design and more pictures, links, downloads etc.
And you can even win crowncaps!

So be sure to check it out at http://www.crown-cap.tk !


Alina -- Thursday, 11.09 2003, 09:33 pm
E-mail: alina@alinas-kronkorken.de
www: http://www.alinas-kronkorken.de
Country: Germany
Subject: Trade
Hi Kimmo, first I would like to tell you, that I like your website. I found here a lot of information about my ex-unknown caps.
Further I´m looking for trade partner from all over the world. Take a look to my website and we will see

Miguel Cambrón Gómez -- Monday, 25.08 2003, 05:59 pm
E-mail: miguelcgomez@hotmail.com
Country: SPAIN
Subject: All caps
Hi !!!
I,m want trade caps

Samantha -- Saturday, 23.08 2003, 12:47 am
E-mail: gros_bisou@hotmail.com
Country: Canada
Subject: NHL Labatt Blue Bottle Caps
Can someone please help me!? I need to complete two sets of this. All i need is two Nashville Predators and two phoenix coyotes and thats IT!!! I have every other team to trade (including the NHL and Beer.com caps). Please please help! I would like these to be Christmas gifts. I can send you a picture of my caps to show you what excellent condition they are in. Please Please help!!!

Guzenko Juriy -- Wednesday, 13.08 2003, 03:18 pm
E-mail: parilka1965@mail.ru
Country: Russia
I am caps collector from Russia. If you want trade, please mail me!!
Thank you for attention

Xavier Morell -- Sunday, 20.07 2003, 11:57 pm
E-mail: poniol60@hotmail.com
Country: Spain
Subject: Trade caps
I collect worldwide crown caps and I wish to contact with other collectors over the world to trade. I have to trade many caps of beer, soda, water, etc of many countries.

Rob Spijkers -- Wednesday, 2.07 2003, 11:28 pm
E-mail: robenels@home.nl
Country: The Netherlands (Holland)
Subject: Compliments and Trading
My compliments for this wishfull site !
I want to trade beercaps. I cant offer
scanned caps (not yet!), but I send you
always first and you wait and see how
many you send me in return.
Any email will of course be answered !

Cinto Sistare -- Tuesday, 1.07 2003, 03:14 pm
E-mail: csistare@hotmail.com
Country: Spain
Subject: Trade caps
I collect worldwide Coca-cola caps and I wish to contact with other collectors over the world to trade. I have to trade many caps of beer, soda, water, etc of many countries.

vilela jerome -- Thursday, 19.06 2003, 07:45 pm
E-mail: jeromevilela@aol com
Country: france
Subject: congratulation for this beautiful collection
i like the crowns caps ,i would like trade with everybody my crowns caps but anybody send me mail for exchange some caps,I have 3250 botle caps in my collections ,mail me please

Sharon -- Monday, 16.06 2003, 04:51 pm
E-mail: sharonkl52@aol.com
Country: USA
Subject: Champagne
I collect champagne and sparkling wine caps from around the world. Anyone interested in trading? I am looking for caps that have a picture of a crown.
If yo have any and would like to trade, please contact me.

Armando Arauz -- Thursday, 12.06 2003, 08:09 am
E-mail: aarauz@cablevision.net.mx
Country: MEXICO
FERNANDO!!! He recibido tus mensajes, pero cuando yo te los mando, me los rebota el sistema. Me interesa mucho contactarte en QUeretaro. Mandame otro mensaje con un mail correcto!!!!

Armando Arauz

jessica -- Monday, 2.06 2003, 05:15 am
E-mail: gingerbreadgal_24@hotmail.com
Country: australia
Subject: munich olympics
it is good

Dmitrij Solodov -- Saturday, 31.05 2003, 08:09 pm
E-mail: hook@pochtamt.ru
www: http://iv-malt.narod.ru
Country: Russia
Hi dear colleagues - collectors. I from Russia, whom will learn interestingly slightly about me to look my site, to all I shall be grateful. With the best regards Dmitrij. And huge thank Kimmo for his site and help.

Igor Borschevsky -- Saturday, 31.05 2003, 10:21 am
E-mail: bidd@one.lv
www: http://superakcija.lv/caps/
Country: LATVIA

Eze -- Tuesday, 27.05 2003, 05:18 pm
E-mail: Ibo@chiman.com
Country: china
I love the site

Miron Wojciechowski -- Tuesday, 27.05 2003, 03:23 am
E-mail: kevinstar@interia.pl
www: http://ti-net.one.pl/~kevin/
Country: Poland
Subject: My crowncaps website launched.

Mika Pynnönen -- Saturday, 24.05 2003, 05:40 pm
E-mail: mika.pynnonen@makk.fi
www: http://www.makk.fi/crowns
Country: Finland
Subject: The Ultimate Beer Cap Page has moved
Just wanted you all to know, that The Ultimate Beer Cap Page has a new URL ( http://www.makk.fi/crowns ). The site has been totally renewed, check it out! You can find there more than 1300 undamaged trade caps and lots of other info about crown caps.

Syd Jordaan -- Friday, 16.05 2003, 04:45 pm
E-mail: syd@xs4all.nl
www: http://www.crown-cap.tk
Country: The Netherlands
Subject: trade caps
Hello collectors,

Who is interested to trade? I can offer 50 beer and non-beer caps from The Netherlands and Belgium. I also have beerlabels from Slovenia for trade (pictures at my site, http://www.crown-cap.tk), I want to trade them for crowncaps. if you're interested e-mail me!


Witold Krynski -- Sunday, 11.05 2003, 11:37 pm
E-mail: t_vitos@go2.pl
www: http://www.kapsle.thx.pl
Country: Poland
I'm beer caps collector from poland. I offer to trad beer caps from Poland

Laurence Moyer -- Tuesday, 6.05 2003, 06:35 am
E-mail: laphmo@sympatico.ca
Country: Canada
Subject: Bottle Cap Buddy
Greetings fellow cap collectors. I have recently found an interesting product that you can use to wear your favourite caps from your collection. The "Bottle Cap Buddy" can be used to make any used cap into a pin for your shirt or hat. These were popular at our recent North American collectors Crownvention. I invite you to visit http://bottlecapbuddy.tripod.com/ to find out more."

Gerard Ipskamp -- Sunday, 4.05 2003, 02:26 am
E-mail: gerard.ipskamp
Country: Netherlands
Subject: Your site
Its Great!

I send you information about caps I know when i see it.

Kind regards

Darius Giedraitis -- Wednesday, 30.04 2003, 04:16 pm
E-mail: giedradar@yahoo.com
Country: Lithuania
I am a beer coasters collector,offer
various caps in exchange for coasters.

Bud Myers -- Saturday, 26.04 2003, 09:20 pm
E-mail: bud_myers@hotmail.com
Country: USA
Subject: Free beer caps
If your e-mail was returned, sorry! send it again with your address and I'll send you some FREE beer bottlecaps (for beginners only, please)

Zac Graber -- Friday, 25.04 2003, 01:52 am
E-mail: thezman@midsouth.rr.com
Country: US
Subject: who wants jamaican caps
im just got back from jamaica and got a ton of red stripe & coca-cola caps.

Zac Graber -- Friday, 25.04 2003, 01:49 am
E-mail: thezman@midsouth.rr.com
Country: US
Subject: i collect too
i will email u cause i got some ?'s
u hav about 132x as many caps as i hav
(i only hav 99)

Christoph -- Monday, 21.04 2003, 06:44 pm
E-mail: christoph.beller@web.de
www: http://www.crowncaps.de
Country: Germany
Hi collecors,

my crowncapshomepage is online now! http://www.crowncaps.de

jussi -- Saturday, 12.04 2003, 07:39 pm
E-mail: jurdkoffer@hotmail.com
Country: suomi
Subject: Aura pullo
Jos kiinnostaa ostaa avaamaton Aura pullo niin tarjouksia voi lähettää..

Liubomir Konakchiev -- Saturday, 12.04 2003, 02:42 pm
E-mail: lukcho@abv.bg
Country: Bulgaria
Subject: Caps for trading
Hi I'm Liubo and I have also caps for trading. I don't have a homepage but soon I will have a scan of my trading caps. If you want to see them send me an e-mail and I'll send them. Hope you enjoy!

Evgeny -- Tuesday, 8.04 2003, 07:46 pm
E-mail: evgeni_kolesniko@mail.ru
Country: Kazakhstan
Subject: trade
I am a caps collector. I can trade with you. I collect sports caps.

Peter -- Thursday, 27.03 2003, 11:35 am
E-mail: stadion-live@gmx.de
Country: Germany
You have a great site!
Greetings from Germany.

Linda Roberts -- Wednesday, 26.03 2003, 11:14 pm
E-mail: ljd33@aol.com
Country: USA
Subject: Russian Crowns
I have been looking for several caps from Russia and was hoping you might have then for trade.
Want list of Russian Caps.
The 4 caps from the Moscow fair cap with MIT. it has all three letters (M, I, and T) together.
Pussy cats, cap from milk. The number refers to the day of the week the idea is to show the buyer when the milk was bottled, whether its still fresh and worth paying top rouble for. I have Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. 
Milk Cap, creamy-white, has a lot of text on the front, a small pic of a cow in the middle, and a Roman number, from I to XII. Twelve different numbers make twelve caps in the set. I have none of these.

Christoph -- Saturday, 15.03 2003, 07:52 pm
E-mail: christoph.beller@web.de
Country: Germany

I want that you ad Matthias Fiedler (Germany) to your black list, becausem several collectors didn't get a packet back.

Sharon -- Thursday, 6.03 2003, 11:19 pm
E-mail: sharonkl52@aol.com
Country: USA
Subject: champagne caps
I collect champagne caps. Anyone interested in sending some along? I'd be happy to pay postage. I need tons!

Anders Jakobsen -- Thursday, 6.02 2003, 12:59 pm
E-mail: fam.jakobsen@os.dk
www: http://norbert.lir.dk/a-n/
Country: Denmark
Subject: caps
Hi Kimmo/Tommi
Hope to trade with you soon and i have get many new trade caps to you may be.


Simo Rasanen -- Tuesday, 4.02 2003, 06:09 pm
E-mail: simo.rasanen@luukku.com
Country: Finland
Subject: Crowncap Trade
I can trade some crowncaps if someone
want!I have lot of finnish crowncaps but
there is from different countries too.
If someone wants to trade or having something to say, let's send E-mail to

Jan -- Sunday, 19.01 2003, 04:58 pm
E-mail: jan.rudinsky (at) tut.fi
www: http://www.cs.tut.fi/~rudinsky/
Country: Czech Republic
Subject: surprise
Hi Kimmo,
I'm really surprised how huge your collection of crown caps is! It seems that you are really resilient guy, with your friend, to have the patiency to manage all these caps and trade them.
Good luck in future trades and collecting!
Bye Jan

Mathias -- Tuesday, 14.01 2003, 11:59 pm
www: http://www.mathias-herkt.de.vu
Country: Germany
Subject: Wow
I can only say "Wow". I never seen so much Crow Caps before. You got so many of these, thats incredibly. You have a realy nice collection here. I wish you luck to get more of them. ;)

Anders Jakobsen and Nicolas Nielsen -- Saturday, 11.01 2003, 03:55 pm
E-mail: fam.jakobsen@os.dk
Country: Denmark
You have a nice homepage.
happy new year to all and i hope to trade with many new and of course many old.

Mikhail Tsypin -- Sunday, 5.01 2003, 10:43 pm
E-mail: cipin@nwsc.spb.ru
Hey, hello to all visitors! Does anybody wants to trade caps with russian collector? I have a lot of caps from 5 famous breweries in St.-Petersburg - beer, cultural and criminal capital of Russia, which celebrates its 300 year jubilee this year. Also I offer beer and soda caps from Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and other countries. If you want to check up some new russian crowns please just mail me and I'll send you caps' images and of cause we can make an exchange. I'm interesting in all kinds of crowncaps from whole the world.
Merry X-Mas, happy New Year and good collecting!

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