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Guestbook entries 2004

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Ruby -- Friday, 31.12 2004, 01:44 am
E-mail: ruby_willis@xoomail.com
Country: USA
Subject: Hello
Happy Holidays!

sanja -- Tuesday, 28.12 2004, 02:23 pm
E-mail: markmm@net.hr
Country: croatia
Subject: exchange
I'm looking for used phonecards from any country. In exchange I can give beer labels and caps.

Cinx -- Sunday, 26.12 2004, 08:21 pm
E-mail: cinx@gazeta.pl
Country: POLAND
I think this is the best crowncaps page. Very Fast load.
If you want to trade please write.
I collect all caps with other signs

Kimmo Nieminen -- Friday, 24.12 2004, 01:09 pm
E-mail: kimmo@crowncaps.net
www: http://www.crowncaps.net
Country: Finland
Subject: Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all website visitors!

Vandezande Filip -- Wednesday, 22.12 2004, 02:02 pm
E-mail: vandezandef@ccrek.be
Country: Belgium
Subject: crown caps
I'm a beginning crowncap collector from Belgium and I have now 650 beercaps.
I also have 100 different belgium beercaps to trade (no scans...)Anyone interested in a trade?
Send me an e-mail. Hope to hear from you

The REAL Viking -- Wednesday, 22.12 2004, 03:31 am
E-mail: nothing@email.com
www: http://www.dxman.com
Country: Iceland

Fantastic website you have here,
Glad to put my step on it, I send send you and your visitors my best greetings.
And you are welcome to visit my little website one day.

Vous êtes bienvenu pour visiter mon website
Usted es bienvenido visitar mi webpage Dé la bienvenida para visitar mi website.

Sergey -- Friday, 17.12 2004, 05:57 pm
E-mail: darth@newmail.ru
Country: Russia
I have some caps that are absent in your collection. If you interested we can contact - I often come to Tampere. My e-mail here.

alberto fernandes -- Thursday, 16.12 2004, 03:44 pm
Subject: Ber Caps
I'm a beginner beer caps collection and have to swap mainly Portuguese ones I can swap also soft drinks, mineral water caps for beer caps
If interested send me a e-mail

Fedorov Aleksei -- Tuesday, 7.12 2004, 08:59 pm
E-mail: alexa1990@narod.ru
Country: Russia
Subject: Beer caps trading
I am a beer capcollector, I want to trade caps, but I also offer beer labels. I need only BEER caps. Write me if you are intrested.

Mike -- Sunday, 5.12 2004, 05:23 pm
E-mail: guinne55@hotmail.com
www: http://forum.onecenter.com/beermats
Country: U.K.
Subject: Crown caps and all other collectibles
Want to trade sell or buy your breweriana.(crown caps)
Why not post on one of our breweriana / whiskey boards.
Möchten Verkauf handeln oder Ihr breweriana kaufen. Warum nicht Pfosten auf einem unseres breweriana/Whiskys verschalt.
Voulez commercer la vente ou acheter votre breweriana. Pourquoi pas le poteau sur un de notre breweriana/whiskey embarque.
Desee negociar venta o comprar su breweriana. De porqué no el poste en uno nuestro breweriana/whisky sube.
Desideri commerciare la vendita o comprare il vostro breweriana. Di perchè non l'alberino su uno il nostro breweriana/whisky imbarca.

A. j. ahmmed -- Sunday, 28.11 2004, 10:39 am
E-mail: patchesofiraq@yahoo.com
www: http://non.com
Country: Iraq
Subject: Crown Caps from Iraq for sell
hello , I can offer Iraqi Crown Caps for sell , please let me know if you are interesting in Buy .

Javier -- Tuesday, 23.11 2004, 11:19 am
E-mail: crown15060@yahoo.es
www: http://www.angelfire.com/un/crowns/
Country: Spain
Hello. I am a spanish crown caps collector. I collect all kind of caps.

angel romero -- Monday, 22.11 2004, 05:28 pm
E-mail: angelromerochapas@yahoo.es
www: http://www.angelfire.com/un/angelchapas
Country: Madrid
I collect all kind of caps,but I prefer beer caps

Nirenberg Haim -- Monday, 22.11 2004, 02:55 pm
E-mail: efimnir@mail.ru
Country: Israel
Subject: beer labels, beer caps
I am collector beer labels and beer caps from Israel

antero mäkelä -- Saturday, 13.11 2004, 08:58 pm
E-mail: makela.at@tuusankoski.fi
Country: suomi
Subject: kiintoisia korkkeja!
voisitko myydä 2000 korkkia vaihtureista, vastaan saisit rahaa!! ilmoittele, olen töissä tuusankosken paperikonefirman laatuinsinöörinä.. olen keräillyt korkkeja 5 vuotta ja niitä löytyy n. 11000
Sähköpostiosoitteesi ei toimi, joten kirjoittaisitko suoraan osoitteeseen kimmo@crowncaps.net

Konzertkarten -- Sunday, 7.11 2004, 05:26 pm
E-mail: gewinndaniel@freenet.de
A really wonderful site - thanks.

Italian charms -- Thursday, 4.11 2004, 11:21 am
E-mail: blinqcharms@aol.com
Country: USA
Such a nice site.

MGBADA JOE ABA NAIJA -- Monday, 1.11 2004, 09:02 pm
www: http://NONE
Country: BENIN
Subject: COMMENT

Ken Zeltner -- Wednesday, 20.10 2004, 08:31 pm
E-mail: kenzelt@earthlink.net
www: http://home.earthlink.net/~kenzelt
Country: USA
Would you like to trade bottle caps?
My collection is still small with only about 1000 caps. I have traded with over 15 others on the internet and my collection is growing. I can send pictures of my extras, most are from the USA where I live.
Regards, Ken

A. ahmed . j. Kathom -- Sunday, 17.10 2004, 08:12 pm
E-mail: ammar2004alazawi@yahoo.com
www: http://amjj.com
Country: Iraq
Subject: crown cap site
I can offer crown cap site from Iraq

salah abraheem -- Sunday, 3.10 2004, 11:31 am
E-mail: salah_abraheem@yahoo.com
www: http://salah_abraheem@yahoo.com
Country: iraq
Subject: banknotes and phonecards
Dear Friend /

how are you ....i can offer to you all size banknotes and phonecards from iraq Diffrent ..OK
best regards
Salah Abraheem From Iraq

mick -- Thursday, 30.09 2004, 10:56 pm
E-mail: wh13ky@hotmail.com
www: http://home.freeuk.com/mickman/caps.html
Country: uk
Subject: crown caps
Visit my UK crown cap site 1000's of caps for sale or exchange.
Besichtigen Sie meinen BRITISCHEN Krone Kappe Aufstellungsort 1000's der Kappen für Verkauf oderSEIEN Sie wert.
Visitez mon emplacement BRITANNIQUE 1000's de chapeau de couronne des chapeaux à vendre ou l'échangez
Bezoek mijn Britse krooncGlb plaats 1000's van kappen voor verkoop of uitwisseling.
Visiti il mio luogo BRITANNICO 1000's della protezione della parte superiore delle protezioni da vendere o scambi.

Jaime Martinez (MARRUC) -- Wednesday, 29.09 2004, 02:24 pm
E-mail: jmtnezrubio@yahoo.es
www: http://i.1asphost.com/marruc/INICIO.html
Country: SPAIN
I am beer caps collector from Spain. I have beer caps to trade.
If you would like to trade, just e-mail me or visit my Web site. I have scans of my trade caps.


Dan -- Sunday, 12.09 2004, 06:42 pm
E-mail: dan297835@gmx.de
A really wonderful hobby!

Webmaster -- Sunday, 5.09 2004, 03:38 pm
E-mail: heikohauser@web.de
Country: Germany
It`s a nice Site!
Greeting from Webmaster

Rodjer -- Sunday, 5.09 2004, 01:30 am
E-mail: rodjie@yahoo.com
Country: NL
Subject: site
Very good website you have here, and I am glad to put my step
in to your guestbook. I send you and your visitors my best greetings.

And you are welcome to visit my website as well for searching the cheapest contact lenses on the internet.

Dmitriy Ilyin -- Tuesday, 31.08 2004, 01:59 pm
E-mail: dmitriy@crowncaps.ru
www: http://www.crowncaps.ru
Country: Russia
Subject: Caps trade

My trade caps on www.crowncaps.ru
Visit my website and select caps.

Ellen B. Simpao -- Tuesday, 24.08 2004, 08:39 pm
E-mail: esimpao@limcollege.edu
Country: USA
Subject: Trade Caps With You
My 5 year-old son just started collecting. He would like to trade caps. He has caps from the U.S. Some are unused vintage soda caps with the corks.

If you are just starting out like he is, please contact me so we can trade!

Rimas -- Sunday, 15.08 2004, 08:23 pm
E-mail: LakunasRimas@takas.lt
Country: Lithuania
Subject: beer caps
Hello collectors,
I am beer caps collector from Lithuania. I have a lot of trade caps. I can trade beer labes for beer caps also. If you would like to trade, just e-mail me. I have scans of my trade caps.

Marc De Kooning -- Saturday, 7.08 2004, 06:32 pm
E-mail: marcdekooning@hotmail.com
www: http://www.marcdekooning.tk
Country: Belgium
Subject: crowncaps
I am crowncap collector from Belgium If you want trade,plaese mail me.

ASaba Owerri -- Wednesday, 4.08 2004, 11:33 am
E-mail: homeboy@yahoo.com
Country: lagos
Subject: comments
I love this page. It looks really nbice. Keep it up

Armando -- Tuesday, 3.08 2004, 11:39 am
E-mail: aarauz@cablevision.net.mx
Country: Mexico
Subject: To labe.service@pandora.be
I am very interested in those caps, but your email is not working. Please contact me at mine

Jody Blaschuck -- Saturday, 31.07 2004, 01:57 am
E-mail: jblaschuck@shaw.ca
Country: Canada
Subject: Bottle Cap Collection
I started collecting beer and coke cap when I ten years of age. I then grew out of it and then my son started to collect them. My son is now 10 years old and he has, in total with mine, 9200 caps. Some of these are so old theat they have carks in them and I have no idea what brand of beer they are.

Darius Giedraitis -- Saturday, 24.07 2004, 04:53 pm
E-mail: daryla@nm.ru
Country: Lithuania
Subject: trade caps for coasters
Crown caps from Lithuania available here.Best regards !

label service -- Tuesday, 20.07 2004, 12:49 pm
E-mail: labe.service@pandora.be
i have for sale , 105 old belgium car crowns and 88 old trafic signs crowns .
do you now a collecter ho is intresting in this crowns

jai -- Saturday, 17.07 2004, 03:42 am
E-mail: jaimugu@yahoo.de
Country: uk
Subject: great
great site mgbada

Asaba Owerri -- Saturday, 3.07 2004, 11:29 am
E-mail: homeboy@yahoo.com
Country: lagos
Subject: comments
I love this page. IT looks really nice and cool. Keep up the good work.

Swe -- Tuesday, 22.06 2004, 09:42 am
E-mail: 2@2.now
www: http://www.italy-sucks.now
Country: Italy
Subject: Sweden vs. Denmark 2-2
Italy sucks... .

AHMED DARVISHVAND -- Friday, 18.06 2004, 09:20 pm
E-mail: info@iranphilately.com
www: http://www.iranphilately.com
Country: Iran
Subject: Crown Caps from Hard to reach countries!
Please visit my webpage for crown caps of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan & Saudi Arabia. I will soon add Afghanistan, Cuba, Bahrain, Qatar, etc.

darkcrawlspace -- Sunday, 13.06 2004, 07:27 pm
E-mail: dcs@aol.com
If you love Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie, make sure to pick up The Simpsons Season 4 DVD set when it comes out June 15th! Go to foxstore.com

Pieter Custers -- Monday, 31.05 2004, 04:14 pm
E-mail: pieterscrowncaps@hotmail.com
www: http://www.freewebs.com/pietercusters
Country: The Netherlands
Subject: Trading Caps
If there are collectors who are interested in trading caps, visit my site or mail me. At the moment I have about 300 trading caps.
Pieter Custers.

Dmitriy Ilyin -- Monday, 17.05 2004, 10:34 am
E-mail: dmitriy_il@mail.ru
Country: Russia
Subject: Caps trading
Hi all!
I want to trade and have about 500 diff. caps for trade.

Maxi -- Sunday, 9.05 2004, 03:44 pm
E-mail: info@finnguide.fi
www: http://www.finnguide.fi
Country: Finland
Subject: Interesting website :-)
Hi Celestial Crown Cap.

You have a great website and a very interesting hobby. Its nice to see so much English content. I have added your link to our Finland links page (pages related to Finland with English content).
Kind Regards

Darius Giedraitis -- Sunday, 2.05 2004, 05:54 pm
E-mail: giedradar@yahoo.com
Country: Lithuania
Subject: caps
Caps from Lithuania available here...

Odinn Thor... The REAL Viking -- Friday, 30.04 2004, 06:36 pm
E-mail: whymy@email.com
Subject: Very COOL

Fantastic website you have here, glad to put my step on it,
I send you and your visitors my best greetings.

And I just want to say, you are welcome to visit my website as well.
Vous êtes bienvenu pour visiter mon website
Usted es bienvenido visitar mi webpage
Dé la bienvenida para visitar mi website.

Andrea -- Friday, 30.04 2004, 11:05 am
E-mail: andrea@finance-no-risk.com
Country: Finland
Subject: Greetings!!!
Hi!! Greetings from Finland. I like
your guestbook. I wish you a nice
spring - Andrea

Jose Carrola -- Tuesday, 27.04 2004, 04:59 pm
E-mail: carrola_berta@hotmail.com
Country: Portugal
Dear Friend
I have some caps and others informations about portuguese caps
to send to you
Yours mail adress is the same that appears in your beautiful site.?
Send me a EMail:

Leo Biest -- Saturday, 24.04 2004, 08:36 pm
E-mail: biest068@planet.nl
Country: The Netherlands
Subject: beer-labels
beerlabels from England, France,
United States and The Netherlands

Leen van Es -- Friday, 23.04 2004, 08:32 pm
Country: The Netherlands
Subject: Caps//Labels/ Phonecards
I collect Phonecards,
and I have for swap Many caps, and Labels for Phonecards

Kari Nieminen -- Tuesday, 20.04 2004, 05:36 am
E-mail: kari@nieminen.org
testataan sähköpostin ongelmia...

David -- Monday, 5.04 2004, 08:21 am
E-mail: david@riewe.com
Country: USA
Subject: Hi
Nice Site

Fedorov Aleksei -- Sunday, 28.03 2004, 10:38 pm
E-mail: alexa1990@narod.ru
Country: Russia
Subject: Trade caps
I want to find to trade with. I can offer caps from different countries especially from Russia

Steve Coleman -- Saturday, 13.03 2004, 04:06 pm
E-mail: prosales@iserv.net
Country: USA
Subject: Soccer
I am trying to get information on the soccer team in Cancun, Pioneras Taxistas. Would you have any contact information?? Thanks, Steve

Laurence Moyer -- Wednesday, 18.02 2004, 05:50 pm
E-mail: laphmo@sympatico.ca
www: http://www.freewebs.com/laphmo/
Country: Canada
Subject: New Collector Site
I invite my fellow collectors to visit my new, modest, web site. You can find images of some of my trade caps and some, hopefully, interesting information about collecting.

Srikar -- Thursday, 5.02 2004, 01:10 pm
E-mail: srikarreddyk@yahoo.com
Country: India
Great Collection

Robert Szyndel -- Saturday, 24.01 2004, 11:36 am
E-mail: rszyndel@poczta.onet.pl
Country: Poland
Subject: trade caps
I'm beer caps collector from Poland and I'm interested to trade. I can offer many caps of beer, soda, water from Poland and other countries.

Mathias Schmidt -- Thursday, 22.01 2004, 03:30 pm
E-mail: Wirolfus@aol.com
www: http://www.kronkorken.net
Please visit my website for Bottle Cap Collectors at www.kronkorken.net Lots of Trade Caps and a monthly Quiz with small prizes. See you Mathias

Eddy Bosmans -- Monday, 19.01 2004, 05:11 am
E-mail: eddybosmans@pandora.be
Country: Belgium
Subject: labels/caps
Looking for other collectors to change.
Collect labels and caps worldwide. Have special interest in Christmasbeerlabels

Mats Hansson -- Thursday, 15.01 2004, 10:24 am
E-mail: madagascarbeans@yahoo.se
Country: Maddagascar
Subject: Caps on E-bay

I am swedish and situated on Madagascar. I am not a collector, but now and then I offer crown caps from Madagascar, Kenya & Tanzania on E-bay. Username: theonemanband

Good luck whith the hobby

Mats & Lucienne

Miika Ylhäinen -- Wednesday, 14.01 2004, 09:17 pm
E-mail: miika.ylhainen@luukku.com
Country: Finland
Subject: Cap Trading
I am crowncap collector from Finland, 13 years old, and I am intrested to trade crowncaps. I have over 1200 diff. caps in my collection. If you are intrested too, mail me!


Kimmo Nieminen -- Wednesday, 14.01 2004, 08:22 am
E-mail: kimmo@crowncaps.net
www: http://www.crowncaps.net
Country: Finland
Subject: Happy New Year 2004!
I'm a bit late, but Happy New Year 2004 to all our website's visitors! I hope we can make nice trades this year!

Rimas -- Saturday, 10.01 2004, 02:48 pm
E-mail: LakunasRimas@takas.lt
Country: Lithuania
Subject: Trade Caps
Hello collectors,

I am beer caps collector from Lithuania. I have a lot of trade caps. If you would like to trade, just e-mail me. I have scans of my trade caps.


ian warren -- Saturday, 10.01 2004, 09:34 am
E-mail: trucker@iwarren.fsnet.co.uk
www: http://www.mad-collector.com
Country: England
Subject: bottle tops
your 1840 cap in your trade page for holland is Enlish the Brewery is Wards of Sheffield

Rich Pav -- Friday, 9.01 2004, 10:54 pm
E-mail: covap296@aol.com
It is time to take Ojars Sulte off the collectors list. He doesn't trade. He takes your caps and doesn't send anything in return. I sent him 200 caps and now he doesn't answer my emails. Thieves like him should not get away with their actions.Also do not trade with Michail Sautkin utan70@yandex.ru from Russia. He got 500 caps from me. Collectors like them want me to stop trading altigether. From now on I will only send out packages when I receive caps first.I hate to do this but there is no other way not to have caps stolen from me

Anders Jakobsen -- Tuesday, 6.01 2004, 07:45 pm
E-mail: kingofcycling@mail.dk
www: http://crowncaps.frac.dk
Country: Denmark
Subject: Homepage
Hi Collectors
Our page is now full updated of trade caps! Fell free to write in our guestbook! And hope you can identlify some of our unknown!


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