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Blacklist of collectors

This sort of list is of course not a nice thing to have but I have relaesed this to help other collectors to avoid unreliable collectors. This far most of the trades I have made have succeeded, but there has been couple of difficult trades. But here is only a list of collectors who have not sent caps to us even if we had agreeded from the trade and we had sent caps to them.

If you know more collectors who should be in this list, please mail their contact information to me with good explanation from the failed trade. Of course I don't want to release untrue information so if you think you are in a wrong basics in this list, please mail me and lets discuss from the situation.

You can also check Jan Meinders black list for more information.

Polyakova Elena Petrovnaelena1978polyakova@yandex.ruRussiaNot sending caps back (accused by Kimmo Nieminen)
Kingsley Hannahsportsguru79@gmail.comNew ZealandNot sending caps back (accused by Kimmo Nieminen)
Felipe Tabordafeltab@gmail.comBrasilNot sending caps back (accused by Kimmo Nieminen)
Matthias Fiedler Germany 
Itai Sevitttheicewolf69@hotmail.comIsraelNot sending caps (30) back (accused by Kimmo Nieminen)
Michail Sautkinutan70@yandex.ruRussiaNot sending caps (500) back (accused by Rich Pav)
Vjacheslav MorozovRussiaManuel Ortega Garrido sent 143 caps to him on 26th of January 2004 and has not received any caps back this far...
Juan Martin Cardosotinchoc_16@hotmail.comArgentinaElias Montes sent 50-60 caps to him but has not received anything back for 8 months (March 2007). Also other collectors haven't received caps back...
Leigh LaHayecatlover70580@yahoo.comUSAI sent 20 caps to a beginner collector from USA but no caps back in 7 months (March 2007).
Yevgeny Taltanovscorpion.367@mail.ruUkraineJaroslav Tesar sent him 100 labels but hasn't received his 50 caps in return. No answers to mails.
Ammar A.Jwwad / A.J.Kathom / A.J.AhmmedAmmar2004alazawi@yahoo.comIraqJohn Breheny sent him a money order to Iraq, received nothing for 3 months, then he returned the money order with a note, saying that he could not cash it in Iraq, so would John send him US $ greenbacks, & then he would send the crowns. That was 3 1/2 years ago now & still no crowns, have written & emailed him 3 times--no reply.

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