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Tommi with caps

Tommi sorting some new caps.

Cap storing

Part of our caps are stored on these.

Trade caps

Here are some trade caps. Most of them are already traded, though.

Many caps

This was a donation from a friend. Unfortunately most of the caps were similar.

Storing of the caps

Storing of the caps.

Storing of the caps

Another picture from storing of the caps.

Caps from collection

Part of our collection.

Big storing plate with caps

Bigger plate where our caps are stored. These ones just fit into the closet.

Two small and one big plate

And here are the small and big plates in the same picture so you can compare those.

Lithuanian crown cap collector

Meeting and trading with a Lithuanian crown cap collector in Tampere, Finland, summer 2003.

Crown cap donation

Some caps from the Crown Cap Competition number one donation from Marko Mäkelä! Now there are plenty of a bit older Finnish caps for trade including several home beer caps.

Storing of the caps

This is the new closet for storing of the caps. Here it's brand new waiting to be filled with caps. You can fit around 40 000 caps to it.

Storing of the caps

The same closet filled with caps. There is still place for few big plates but it's getting full soon :)

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