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 6 of 230 + 230 caps. (French and English text).

ca-00571 - Alouettes, J.Andreotti ca-00572 - Alouettes, B.Minihane ca-00573 - Alouettes, J.Reynolds ca-00574 - Rough Riders (Ottawa), S.Scoccia ca-00575 - Rough Riders (Ottawa), B.J.Booth ca-00576 - Roughriders (SASK.), R.Lancaster

 Players in the caps:

  1. N. Beaumont B.C. Lions
  2. T. Brown B.C. Lions
  3. M. Burton B.C. Lions
  4. M. Cacic B.C. Lions
  5. P. Claridge B.C. Lions
  6. S. Cotter B.C. Lions
  7. N. Fieldgate B.C. Lions
  8. G. Findlay B.C. Lions
  9. W. Fleming B.C. Lions
  10. D. Fouts B.C. Lions
  11. T. Hinton B.C. Lions
  12. L. Homer B.C. Lions
  13. J. Kapp B.C. Lions
  14. G. Kasapis B.C. Lions
  15. P. Kempf B.C. Lions
  16. B. Lasseter B.C. Lions
  17. M. Martin B.C. Lions
  18. R. Morris B.C. Lions
  19. B. Munsey B.C. Lions
  20. P. Seale B.C. Lions
  21. S. Shafer B.C. Lions
  22. K. Sugarman B.C. Lions
  23. B. Swift B.C. Lions
  24. J. Williams B.C. Lions
  25. R. Allbright Calgary Stampeders
  26. L. Bain Calgary Stampeders
  27. F. Budd Calgary Stampeders
  28. L. Coleman Calgary Stampeders
  29. E. Day Calgary Stampeders
  30. P. Dudley Calgary Stampeders
  31. J. Furlong Calgary Stampeders
  32. G. Hansen Calgary Stampeders
  33. W. Harris Calgary Stampeders
  34. H. Harrison Calgary Stampeders
  35. P. Holmes Calgary Stampeders
  36. A. Johnson Calgary Stampeders
  37. J. Keeling Calgary Stampeders
  38. R. Kramer Calgary Stampeders
  39. H. Krebs Calgary Stampeders
  40. D. Luzzi Calgary Stampeders
  41. P. Manning Calgary Stampeders
  42. D. Parsons Calgary Stampeders
  43. R. Payne Calgary Stampeders
  44. L. Robinson Calgary Stampeders
  45. G. Shaw Calgary Stampeders
  46. D. Stephenson Calgary Stampeders
  47. B. Taylor Calgary Stampeders
  48. T. Woods Calgary Stampeders
  49. J. Anabo Edmonton Eskimos
  50. R. Ash Edmonton Eskimos
  51. J. Battle Edmonton Eskimos
  52. C. Brown Edmonton Eskimos
  53. T. Coffey Edmonton Eskimos
  54. M. De Leeuw Edmonton Eskimos
  55. A. Ecuyer Edmonton Eskimos
  56. R. Forwick Edmonton Eskimos
  57. J. Higgins Edmonton Eskimos
  58. H. Huth Edmonton Eskimos
  59. R. Kerbow Edmonton Eskimos
  60. O. Kruger Edmonton Eskimos
  61. T. Machan Edmonton Eskimos
  62. G. McKee Edmonton Eskimos
  63. B. Mitchell Edmonton Eskimos
  64. B. Mitchelson Edmonton Eskimos
  65. R. Nelson Edmonton Eskimos
  66. B. Redell Edmonton Eskimos
  67. M. Rolhiser Edmonton Eskimos
  68. H. Schumm Edmonton Eskimos
  69. E.A. Sims Edmonton Eskimos
  70. J. Sklopan Edmonton Eskimos
  71. J. Stinnette Edmonton Eskimos
  72. B. Therrien Edmonton Eskimos
  73. J. Thomas Edmonton Eskimos
  74. N. Thomas Edmonton Eskimos
  75. B. Tobin Edmonton Eskimos
  76. T. Wilson Edmonton Eskimos
  77. A. Baker Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  78. J. Barrow Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  79. G. Ceppetelli Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  80. J. Cimba Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  81. D. Cohee Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  82. F. Cosentino Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  83. J. Counts Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  84. S. Crisson Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  85. T. Grant Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  86. G. Henley Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  87. E. Hoerster Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  88. Z. Karcz Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  89. E. Kelly Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  90. B. Krouse Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  91. B. R. Locklin Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  92. C. Miksza Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  93. A. Mosca Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  94. B. Nagurski Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  95. T. Page Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  96. D. Sutherin Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  97. D. Viti Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  98. D. Walton Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  99. B. Wayte Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  100. J. Zuger Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  101. J. Andreotti Montreal Alouettes
  102. J. Baker Montreal Alouettes
  103. G. Berretta Montreal Alouettes
  104. B. Bewley Montreal Alouettes
  105. G. Boyette Montreal Alouettes
  106. D. Daigneault Montreal Alouettes
  107. G. Dixon Montreal Alouettes
  108. D. Dolatri ğDalatri Montreal Alouettes
  109. T. Elsby Montreal Alouettes
  110. D. Estes Montreal Alouettes
  111. T. Evanshen Montreal Alouettes
  112. C. Exelby Montreal Alouettes
  113. L. Fairholm Montreal Alouettes
  114. B. Faloney Montreal Alouettes
  115. D. Fuell Montreal Alouettes
  116. M. Gibbons Montreal Alouettes
  117. R. Goldston Montreal Alouettes
  118. A. Irwin Montreal Alouettes
  119. J. Kenerson Montreal Alouettes
  120. E. Learn Montreal Alouettes
  121. M. Levesque Montreal Alouettes
  122. B. Minihane Montreal Alouettes
  123. J. Reynolds Montreal Alouettes
  124. B. Roy Montreal Alouettes
  125. L. Tomlinson Montreal Alouettes
  126. E. White Montreal Alouettes
  127. R. Black Ottawa Rough Riders
  128. M. Blum Ottawa Rough Riders
  129. B.J. Booth Ottawa Rough Riders
  130. J. Cain Ottawa Rough Riders
  131. B. Cline Ottawa Rough Riders
  132. M. Collins Ottawa Rough Riders
  133. J. Conroy Ottawa Rough Riders
  134. L. DeGraw ğDe Graw Ottawa Rough Riders
  135. J. Dillard Ottawa Rough Riders
  136. G. Gaines Ottawa Rough Riders
  137. D. Gilbert Ottawa Rough Riders
  138. R. Jackson Ottawa Rough Riders
  139. K. Lehmann Ottawa Rough Riders
  140. B. O'Billovich Ottawa Rough Riders
  141. J. Pentecost Ottawa Rough Riders
  142. J. Poirier Ottawa Rough Riders
  143. M. Racine Ottawa Rough Riders
  144. S. Scoccia Ottawa Rough Riders
  145. B. Scott Ottawa Rough Riders
  146. J. Selinger Ottawa Rough Riders
  147. M. Shirk Ottawa Rough Riders
  148. B. Siekierski Ottawa Rough Riders
  149. R. Stewart Ottawa Rough Riders
  150. W. Tucker Ottawa Rough Riders
  151. R. Atchison Saskatchewan Roughriders
  152. A. Benecick Saskatchewan Roughriders
  153. C. Brock Saskatchewan Roughriders
  154. E. Buchanan Saskatchewan Roughriders
  155. R. Cameron Saskatchewan Roughriders
  156. H. Campbell Saskatchewan Roughriders
  157. H. Dorsch Saskatchewan Roughriders
  158. L. Dumelie Saskatchewan Roughriders
  159. G. Ekstran Saskatchewan Roughriders
  160. M. Fabi Saskatchewan Roughriders
  161. B. Good Saskatchewan Roughriders
  162. B. Kosid Saskatchewan Roughriders
  163. R. Lancaster Saskatchewan Roughriders
  164. H. Ledyard Saskatchewan Roughriders
  165. L. LeGault ğLegault Saskatchewan Roughriders
  166. R. Meadmore Saskatchewan Roughriders
  167. B. Ptacek Saskatchewan Roughriders
  168. G. Reed Saskatchewan Roughriders
  169. D. Schnell Saskatchewan Roughriders
  170. W. Shaw Saskatchewan Roughriders
  171. T. Urness Saskatchewan Roughriders
  172. D. West Saskatchewan Roughriders
  173. R. Whitehouse Saskatchewan Roughriders
  174. G. Wlasiuk Saskatchewan Roughriders
  175. J. Worden Saskatchewan Roughriders
  176. D. Aldridge Toronto Argonauts
  177. W. Balasiuk Toronto Argonauts
  178. R. Brewer Toronto Argonauts
  179. W. Dickey Toronto Argonauts
  180. B. Dugan Toronto Argonauts
  181. L. Ferguson Toronto Argonauts
  182. D. Fuell Toronto Argonauts
  183. E. Harrington Toronto Argonauts
  184. R. Howell Toronto Argonauts
  185. F. LaRoue Toronto Argonauts
  186. S. Lewis Toronto Argonauts
  187. M. Luster Toronto Argonauts
  188. D. Mann Toronto Argonauts
  189. P. Martin Toronto Argonauts
  190. M. Martinello Toronto Argonauts
  191. L. McHan Toronto Argonauts
  192. D. Nykoluk Toronto Argonauts
  193. J. Parker Toronto Argonauts
  194. D. Pivec Toronto Argonauts
  195. J. Rountree Toronto Argonauts
  196. D. Shatto Toronto Argonauts
  197. B. Shipp Toronto Argonauts
  198. L. Sparks Toronto Argonauts
  199. D. Still Toronto Argonauts
  200. N. Stoneburgh Toronto Argonauts
  201. D. Thelen Toronto Argonauts
  202. J. Vilunas Toronto Argonauts
  203. J. Walter Toronto Argonauts
  204. P. Watson Toronto Argonauts
  205. J. Wydareny Toronto Argonauts
  206. B. Cooper Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  207. W. Dennis Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  208. P. Desjardins Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  209. N. Dunford Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  210. F. Funston Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  211. H. Gray Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  212. R. Hamelin Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  213. B. Hansen Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  214. H. Janzen Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  215. H. Ledyard Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  216. L. Lewis Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  217. B. Palmer Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  218. A. Perkins Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  219. C. Piper Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  220. E. Pitts Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  221. K. Ploen Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  222. D. Raimey Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  223. N. Rauhaus Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  224. F. Rigney Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  225. R. Savoie Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  226. J. Simpson Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  227. D. Thornton Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  228. S. Thorson Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  229. E. Ulmer Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  230. B. Whisler Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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